Books For Your Inspiration

The Soulseeker takes you into a journey of poems concerning love ups and downs. It also illuminates the spiritual relationship the author has in her Christian lifestyle. These poems will help you open up your soul to love, life and heartache through the eyes of the author with words like these “Will you let me get behind your eyes and share the pain of what your life has gained. The eyes are the window to the soul that is what they say, only if you let someone in that way.

The Princess Within: The Soul Of A Woman reflects a mirage of a woman’s heart, soul and mind. Each layer of the mask is discarded as her heart reveals the truth of the matter. This book inspires a woman to cope with the pain and walk into the promises of God. As you take a voyage into each chapter another character is revealed from life experiences. The collection of poetry depicts real life themes of a woman’s heart. The Princess Within: The Soul Of A Woman rejuvenates and motivates all women to evolve and grow to higher levels in their life. The foreword was written by Donna Lee Williams, a woman of grace and style.

All About Him: The Experience celebrates the joys of loving a good man, leaving the wrong man and embracing love within you. All About Him: The Experience commemorates men for the positive things they do in a society where men are portrayed as “dogs”. The author extracts information from personal experiences and general life experiences with men. As you take a journey into each chapter it opens your mind to love, how to be loved and to live life with love. This dynamic combination of poetry will give a woman hope to love again and give a man inspiration to express his love to her. These collections of poetry is a true keepsake for the heart.

The Writer’s Block unlocks the soul of a writer and it displays the passion a writer has for their art. It takes you into a whirlwind of facts that are not fiction to stir up cognitive thoughts to get your blood thirsting for the passion this writer shares with you. Transparent and naked…….The Writer’s Block unravels the heart and mind of a poet. This work of art simplifies the feelings of a writer and gives you insight on what motivates this author to write. Step into a collection of poetry that will diagnose, heal and cure your pain with a dose of words wrapped up with reality.

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