Grace Saves Face

Have you ever had a test?
How did you feel about the test?

Well, if you are like most people taking a test can be stressful and frustrating. However, when you take a test your mind is focused on passing or failing. When you take a test orchestrated in the spiritual realm it is all about how you maintain your attitude. The past four months have been a test of my faith,stamina, patience and joy. I have endured in a season of pruning and the process was not comfortable. God began to peel away layers so he could build a better foundation to promote me to the next level. I never thought I would encountered a season quite like this one. Nevertheless, each level of pruning help me relinquish things in order to receive a greater reward. The issues I were married to would destroy my advancement to the next level. I had to painfully divorce those issues that were laying dormant. The test was not easy but it prepared me for a greater harvest. Sometimes in life we are tested and tried but understand with each test comes a lesson.

The first couple of months I was screaming, crying and fighting but then I recognized that the resistant would make the test longer. I decided to humble myself, become submissive and let God walk me through the process. During my last two months I was peaceful and joyful inspite of my circumstances. There was a lesson behind the test. The test was a sign of gorwth and maturity.

So, remember do not focus on the test but endeavor to change the way you look at the circumstances. All test are not meant to stress you out but in them find the maturity and wisdom to walk gracefully through what God is doing for you. “Grace Saves Face…”

Note:”Sometimes we forget if we are going through it is for a reason and if God wanted us not to got through it then he would allow us to come out of it. But if He does not take us out of it then there is a reason for the process. He is God he can do anything…”

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