Walk On…

Do you find yourself around people who cannot embrace the new you?
Do you constantly try to convince them you are a different person?
Answer this question, WHY?

I use to try to please others just to be accepted by their standards. I did not realize how draining this was for me. I would leap through hoops just to let them know I have changed. But I realized it did not matter because they wanted to me to feel guilty instead of forgiving me. If people cannot forgive you for the past person you use to be give them their divorce papers and let them walk. You have to understand life is too precious to allow others insecurities defeat the victory in you.Be cautious of people who do not accept your change and continue to dwell on who you use to be. These particular people will keep your life in a choke hold because they cannot see your growth. Do not become prey to their unforgiveness but rise up and walk on to the next community. When you go to the next community you will find people who will love you for who you are and embrace you. We spend to much time trying to convince others of our change and in the end we are unhappy. If you have changed for the better and others cannot embrace the new you then wipe the dust off your feet and move on…“Forgiveness does not hold guilt over your head forgiveness wipes our trangressions into the sea of forgetfulness”

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