Seasons Change But Remain In Your Set Place

Ecclesiastes 3:1, To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Life has many paths that will lead you to different addresses in your life. As you walk down the journey of life you have to understand that each stop is temporal. Life has many curves and not one thing will remain the same because seasons change. However, if you find yourself in a certain season in your life that you dislike do not complain and murmur but embrace the season. Seasons are only for a time and in each season the Lord will use it to help you grow in specific areas in your life. Each season has a purpose and plan for your life. The Lord uses each season to mold us into our set place He has for us at that time. The set place God has ordained for your life is the place you are at now. My pastor has been ministering on the subject of you blessings are in your set place. He has stated your set place is the place where God blesses you. Your set place is where you are fulfilled and your place of obedience to God. But understand your set place is the place the Lord tells you to transcend to not man or your own fleshly desire. When we become the driver of our own path then we will lead ourselves to the wrong place and will not be in the right season. Many Christians miss out on there blessings and the move of God because they are not in the place He told them to go. It is imperative to understand no matter what season you are in at this moment make sure it is the set place God has for you. You may not want to be there but you will reap the acceleration of your fulfillment because that specific season has become your set place.

“Seasons will change, nothing is permanent but with each season embrace it and grow through it. Nothing shall remain the same.”

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