30 Something & Single

Watching movies like “Just Wright”, “Jumpin’ The Broom” or even “Love Jones” shows love at its best especially “black love”. Love is so beautiful it is like a sweet soliloquy serenading nature. But have you ever stop and said to yourself if love is like this,Why am I 30 something and single? I can relate to this question and many other questions that run through your head. Every little girl has a fantasy of meeting Prince Charming and being swept off her feet. But what if Prince Charming never comes and in the end you wonder has your clock ran out. Was your glass slipper misplaced in the lost and found? And was Prince Charming searching for the slipper. Maybe or Maybe not but being 30 something and single is not the end of the world. In my own personal life I had to come to grips that I was looking for love in all the wrong faces and places. I was hoping the guys I selected were Prince Charming. I was hoping they would see my value and love me for me. However, every Prince was more like a diversion of the real King God has for me. My version of Prince Charming was a toad and I end up settling for their half baked love. I was wondering why they could not see my value, in reality I did not value myself so I tolerated (condone, authorize, put up with) things. I began to abuse myself by not seeing my own worth. So my twenties rolled by me and I still found myself still single while my friends had a man or got married. For a minute, I thought something was wrong with me. How can I be 30 something and still single? Well, I started to do a self evaluation in 2010 then God showed me how I was living for everyone else instead of myself. The covers came off in 2011 and God revealed to me I was a pushover, people pleaser and did not see the value in myself. The truth hurt me but it did set me free. So,now just like you I am 30 something and single. Does this make me less of a catch because I am in my 30’s and a single mom? Not at all, I have found my worth in God and value myself now. The blindfolds came off in May so now I appreciate the diamond I am and see the shine I have on the inside. My shine got so much swag it sparkles on the outside. Therefore being 30 something and single has so much potential. My goals are clearer and I am more focused. My career path is about to flourish. All I have to do is let God do His thing while I soak up the sun and ride the journey. Now being single has great new possibilities to enjoy life, tour the world and be bigger and greater than I could ever become….Marriage will come I have time and so do you!

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