Fact Vs Opinion: Believe The Fact About How Wonderful You Really Are!

Today I spent a day in meditation reflecting on my mental and spiritual state.I realized for so long in my life I was always on a journey trying to change and improve the negative things about me or what I thought was negative about me. I would also find myself battling with myself trying to improve myself. I sought others approval as they would always say what I need to change and try to make sure they saw the change. All I can say right now in my life is “WOW”. Why did I go through this torture to change who I am or focus on the negative things about myself when I should have been focusing on the wonderful, beautiful, conversationalist, adventrous and free spirited person I have always been in life. I realize I focused more on the negative things about me because I did not believe in the wonderful person I am and how spectaular I really am at this stage in my life. I was challenged to do an exercise to list 10 words that describe who I am and to my pleasure the words were positive. I looked up every word in a thesaurus and it help me identify positive aspects about who “Stylicia is as a woman and how God created me. I am no longer seeking the approval from others to convince them of my change because I love me and will not get defensive when others have their opinion of me. They will have an opinion of me but the fact of the matter is not their opinion but what fact I believe about who I am. An opinion is a personal belief, assummption or hypothesis a person will make about you. A fact is something that is verifiable, the truth and it is simply authentic. No longer be defined by others opinions (something that is not factual) but be changed by the fact(something that is verifiable) by what you believe about yourself. Once you do this it will show you the wondeful person God has created you to be…

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