5 Things To Do Before 2012

The New Year is vastly approaching and it is getting closer to the countdown of another year. Many have started to recite their New Year’s Resolutions however this does not mean anything if you are carrying the same habitual, traditional habits into every year. The year may change but you stay the same every year. It is important that this year you become new with your “new” year. You have to make a decision to become new in mind, body and soul. I am going to share five things I have vowed to myself to do in order to cultivate a “new” me and even greater me in 2012. If you are willing to take the journey then continue to read the steps below:

  1. Stop making New Year’s Resolutions. Are you flabberghasted by this statement?Yes, you are reading this correctly because a couple of years ago I stop making resolutions and start making goals. Resolution is stated to be an act or declaration (an announcement). However goals produce actions and results for you to accomplish. When you make a resolution you may never accomplish it because you are merely stating it but with a goal you write it down and the vision is becoming more obtainable. Goals are written down to give you an end result for each year. Get a pencil and paper, stop talking to others and make your vision plain by writing down what you expect to accomplish for 2012.
  2. Have A Vision Board Party. After you write your vision plain on paper now it is time to make your visualize your goals. When you begin to see your vision come forth on your template (which is the board) then you become excited about the end result. You are excited to work harder towards making your vision a reality. So, Jan 7th, 2012 I am having my first Vision Board Party at my house with some other like minded individuals who are positive thinkers, innovators, and shakers. It is so important you start your New Year off being surrounded around people who are moving in an positive direction for their success. Make a note to yourself before January 2012 is here  schedule a vision board party with like minded individuals.
  3. Cultivate Healthy Realtionships. The year 2012 should not be a year where you are bringing the same dead weight into your new year. Before 2011 takes a bow it is important you trash all the toxic relationships in your life. The relationships that have distracted you from becoming great or have distracted you from staying focus on your goals now is time to let those relationships expire by December 31, 2011.
  4. Give Back To Yourself 100%. Sowing and reaping is a continous law and principle according to the Bible. If you have sown expect to reap what you have selflessly planted into others. So many people have been taught that it is selfish to give back to yourself. It is important to sow into yourself  so you can reap the full benefits. If you are good ground then why not expect a greater return by investing in yourself. When you give back to yourself it will create an abundance.  You will be able to give back to others out of your abundance and overflow.
  5. Embrace The Moment. Too often we want to rush through every process in our life without enjoying the lesson that we have to learn in the situation. Instead of being antsy about getting to the next phase embrace the moment you are currently in at the time. Sometimes we want to rush through the rain without enjoying the growth the rain has to offer. Embrace every big, small, good, bad or diffcult moment because it all is working to build character. (Romans 8:28)
If you learn to start now to do these 5 steps before 2012 then you will prepare yourself for a happier life. You will find more contentment in what you can change and give what you cannot change over to God. Make 2012 a year of fun in the sun, true enough you may have ups and downs but enjoy the journey and keep your faith and trust in the Lord as your GPS to a life fulfilled with His promises.

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