Never Stop Dreaming

I think for one moment, one still moment I stop dreaming I got consumed with reality and I stop dreaming. It was like the lights dimmed for a brief second and my breathing was frantic. I could not think, talk, or see the path before me because I let the reality of life take away my imagination. I realize how dreaming keeps me alive no matter if it is a world of fantasy, dreaming keeps me happy. I expect a greater life than what I am living now because I know through my struggles there is another world that exist, the one I supposed to live. I will travel around the world, internationally touching the four corners of the Earth. I will witness the most beautiful, breathtaking sites that God has created here on Earth. I will live an abundant life filled with joy, love, laughter and adventure. I will create adventure everywhere my feet are planted but I will not stop to embrace reality. Reality says, “I am not where I need to be, I need more money, it is hard being a single mother, sometimes I want to scream and cry because it seems like the road is getting harder”. I will never listen to Reality because Dream says,”I love life, I am living abundantly, I do not lack anything, I enjoy the richness of my life and I am a gift to the world”.  I think for one short second I stop dreaming and became overwhelmed with reality. My dreams are so much greater than reality. No matter how loud reality is I have drown out the noise with my dreams. I am human just like the next person, I bleed, I cry, I laugh, I sing, I love and I hurt. But most of all I dream-BIG,small, Long or WIDE…..I can never stop dreaming, do not never stop dreaming, never stop dreaming….“STYLICIA, NEVER STOP DREAMING”! In this quick moment I hear a small still voice, who is it? It is the Spirit of God and he tells me “Never stop dreaming”! So, in my moment of reality with being consumed with the “realness” of my situations I close my eyes and shut out the world and start back dreaming.


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