Diva On A Budget

Diva On A Budget
It is not easy being a diva who wants to look fly, fabulous and fierce when you are restricted to be on a budget. A budget is a great way for you to learn to get more bang out of your buck even when you are on a limited income. If you are like me being on a budget has taught me to shop for the best for less. When I decided to separate from them military in 2008 it devastated my pockets because I no longer was getting paid a military paycheck. Soon reality hit me when I found myself unemployed and a single parent with a restricted income. The last couple of years has challenged me financially but yet it has taught me to live within my lifestyle and no longer live beyond my means. I have learned not to be wasteful with my expenses but save for me and my daughters future. However, since I am a woman it is a necessity for me to pamper myself and feel good about the myself. I love being a woman continue  to embrace every aspect of my femininity. But it is important to use wisdom on my shopping sprees. So, below I will give you a few tips on being a diva on a budget.
Here are a few helpful tips to help you still maintain your diva status on a budget:
  • Every month set aside a shopping budget for yourself after all your financial commitments are subtracted.
  • Do an Internet search on all the thrift stores, good wills, and consignment shops in your area.
  • Focus on one area you want to build in your wardrobe such as dress pants, casual shirts, summer dresses etc.
  • Make a list of what items you plan to get so you will not go over your budget
  • Mix and Match name brand items with regular brands (no name brand)
  • Try out new items that you may not normally buy and try to create your own style
  • Read magazines like Glamour, In Style, Vogue, etc. to get a grip on what is in or out for the season (Buy your local libraries magazines that they are selling at a very low cost from back issues)
  • Look in your closet and reinvent a new outfit(put a scarf, vest, or cardigan over a shirt to make a whole new outfit)

Here are a couples of sites to help you be a diva on a budget:

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