Valentine’s Day For The Single Sassy Sista….

I am a true romantic for love and I love any movie that shows the beauty of love in its most intimate stages. However,  sometimes it can be challenging when holidays like Valentine’s Day only focus on couples for this symbol of love. I believe this holiday is to be enjoyed by single people as well. I am a very happily single woman embracing life, enjoying the moment and loving life to the fullest. I am focused on loving myself, creating a life for me and my daughter, and most of all experiencing what life has to offer me. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me a chance to celebrate myself, spoil myself and love every aspect about who I am created to be. I also love this holiday because I always buy my daughter a Valentine’s Day gift. I have been doing this for her and her deceased sister since they were babies. I use to hate Valentine’s Day and wanted that special man to buy me flowers or take me out to dinner. However, I decided that I have to learn how to love myself first. Valentine’s Day is not another sad love song for me but it is a day where I give back to myself 100%. Valentine’s Day does not have to be the worst holiday for the single sassy sista. We can spend this Valentine’s Day enjoying some great time with our self and spending money on what we want to do for us. It is not the end of the world if you are single on Valentine’s Day. It is important to reflect, embrace and enjoy where you are at in your life. It should be pure joy to be a single sassy sista who wants to take her world to a whole new level. We have to understand that having a man does not define our happiness but when we do get a man he increases our happiness. So many women operate in a needy or desparate mode which causes them to  feel like they cannot be happy without having a man in their life. However, if you do not love yourself then that man will not be able to love you. It can be challenging to be the only person in your circle single but your turn will come for love. Until then enjoy your Valentine’s Day…

I challenge all single sassy sistas like myself to have fun, enjoy life and not focus on the negative aspects of being single on Valentine’s Day. When you are content and happy with yourself then that gorgeous, handsome specimen of a man will notice the spark or twinkle in your eye. He will be so curious to want to know what makes you smile and strut with confidence the way you do. He may ask you “What makes you smile the way you do with the twinkle in your eye?” and you respond by saying, “Life, I am simply living my life to the fullest and enjoying every moment”. Then my single sassy sistas he will want to take you out on a date and get to know you alot more.There is always something special about a woman who is confident about being happily single. She finds peace and joy in knowing her steps are strategically ordered by God. She has no desire to curse love but embrace it….Single Sassy Sista enjoy your Valentine’s Day because you might not be single next year. 

Embrace your single hood and have the time of your life!!! 

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