Many times in life we look for the approval of others by measuring our worth by their accolades, comments or bravados but their comes a time we have to tell ourselves…I AM ENOUGH!

     Recently, Whitney Elizabeth Houston was put to rest on Saturday, February 18th, 2012. Her homecoming ceremony was an impactful wake up call to the world. So many celebrities spoke of the Whitney the media did not know at all. The media glamorized her downfalls, flaws and mistakes to build a story for propaganda. Whitney Houston was beautiful, talented, smart, savvy, and sassy but still at the end of the day she questioned her worth. She still wondered was her gift,her God given talent good enough for the world. Million of women today have the same question run through their head..”Am I good enough?” Inspite of our accomplishments, successes, victories and overcoming moments many women still have a overwhelming insecurity of who they are inside. A woman’s insecurity can mess with her self esteem, self worth, and self love which could cause her to lose faith in her ability to make a change in the world. So often we let society, the media, friends, and family dictate our worthiness. I believe Whitney Houston truly never tapped into her full potential or greatness because she did not realize her music changed lives. I have been guilty of feeling inadequate about my God given talented comparing myself to other people and wondering was I good enough to make it. However, I began to realize I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God and He never made a piece of junk. God’s artwork is intricate and detailed where abstract pieces are added for embellishment. God is the greatest Picasso who divinely created every woman as a Mona Lisa. Ms. Houston was a beautiful Mona Lisa who had her own unique attributes that added to the body of Christ. It is true she died before her prime and still had so much life to live but her death was a reality check to love yourself. In her song “The Greatest Love Of All” it says “learning to love yourself is greatest love of all” and this statement is profound. It is important you learn to love yourself, embrace your flaws, your mistakes and realize that no matter what other people say about you, you are more than enough. God created us to add to His kingdom; many members of one body. We all have differrent skills and abilities but we are all important to the Body of Christ.
So the next time you wonder are you enough be reminded that God created you for a purpose and when you belong to him then your talent, skills and abilities are enough. So tell yourself, “I AM ENOUGH”! 

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