Own Your Sexy!

You claim it, you possess it and you own it- tap into your sexy! ~Stylicia~
Confidence….Sexy is a mind set. ~Britanya Wynds~

We live in a society where sexiness is defined by outward appearance and the word “sex”. The media displays sexiness in a degrading form through commercial ads, books, movies, music video etc. However, sexiness is none of the things depicted through the eyes of the media. Sexiness is a mystery that has been sought by many onlookers waiting to reveal its secret. Sexiness is like a rainbow it has a spectrum of colorful attributes to many people who dare to define it. Sexiness can be described as the characteristic or physical demeanor of a person’s image, attitude and confidence. So often we as women try to do so many alterations to our outer appearance to display how sexy we are to attract the attention of men. But no matter what we wear, how we alter our physical attributes I believe that being sexy is an inner glow wrapped with confidence, happiness and joy. It is normal for a woman to want to be desired, wanted and most of all feel sexy. It is important we do not let the world define our sexiness. It is our job to define what our sexiness factor will be and own it and rip it like a runway model. We do not have to work hard to try to pretend to be sexy it is as simple as the way we smile, the way we talk, the way we wear our hair and much more.

Since I have evolved into my womanhood men have found the simplest things about me to be sexy. I would struggle in my 20’s wondering how could I dress or look more desirable or sexy to a man. But now at the age of  30 something I realize I do not need to look a certain way to be sexy. It is something that I  automatically obtained as a woman. However, ladies do not lose this desirable element after you have kids, gain weight and get into daily role as a wife/mother. But ladies, it is imperative to never lose that fire that kindles that internal flame of sexy. It should be important for you to retrieve your sexiness whether if it through weight lose, eating right, changing your hairstyle, trying something fun and funky with your wardrobe.   Even if you are Christian woman like me it is not a sin for you to want to feel sexy, God created this innate caliber inside of us. You should strive to be desirable for yourself because when you look good you feel good.

However, sexiness is simplicity nothing over done or overtly distasteful. So, get ready to not only work your sexiness but it is time to own your sexiness, and bring it back with a vengeance.

You Confidence Will Breed Sexy!!!

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