Falling Into Love

Never deny love even if the other person does not reciprocate it, to be able to fall in love is a beautiful feeling & to have known it is unbelievable, it can make a difference in your growth process as a person. Falling in love can change your whole being….It makes a difference at the darkest times in life.~Stylicia~
Some people have never experienced this overwhelming, earth shattering, mind blowing, intimate, deep, soul searching experience because what they thought it was never was it, loving someone and falling into love is two different things. I never knew how these two concepts were so different until I experienced my first in love experience. When you fall into love it pushes you to be a better person and it heals parts of your heart that once were dead. You are reading this and wondering how do I know about this well I fell into love four years ago. The time I fell into love was during a dark time in my life and the man that came into my life help me experience my first in love experience.
I never been in love before so I knew this was the falling into love experience. I have been in lust plenty of times but to be in love was a whole new concept for me. I felt compelled to share my experience so people can understand falling into love with a person is not a bad thing even if the relationship take a turn for the worst. Falling into love is a freeing experience because it makes you transparent, you do not have to put on a facade but you can expose your heart to the one you love. I believe we deny ourselves the beauty of falling in love because we focus on the hurt and not the lesson that it taught us. When you fall into love with someone you learn who you are and how they effected your journey. When I fell into love I was on cloud nine but the reality check we both were two wounded. However, I believe we both brought out the best in each other.
I was wounded from the lost of my two year daughter and he was wounded from a past long term relationship. The relationship left a scar on his heart so settling down was not on his mind. I got a revelation this week understanding that we both were not emotionally ready, mentally ready or spiritually ready to commit because we were not whole.When I think about how falling in love with him changed me; it made me see how powerful falling into love can be between a man and woman. I never regret the experience of falling into love because it made me feel alive at the darkest time in my life. If it was not for me falling in love for the first time in my life I would have not learn how to be the authentic woman I am today. So, the next time I fall into love it will be the right timing because I will be whole and that man will be whole.I encourage you not to give up on love, let love make you better not bitter.
He was my first love but he will not be my last love because I am open to letting my heart be made whole and when God believes I am ready to embrace love again then that man and I both will be ready, it will be the right timing. If you fell into love and it was  not received back continue to love but first love yourself…Self love is powerful and it attracts so much love.
I can honestly say I am not ready to focus on love because my focus is on me and my goals. I am focused on enjoying being happily single and I cannot devote the time it takes to fall into love but when I am ready and when it is time then falling into love will be effortless.

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