Mission Move Forward

Life is powerful when you decide to allow your mind to relax and think about the lessons you learn while you are on vacation. Vacation is always a great time to recoup, regroup and rejuvenate your being to clear out the clutter in your mind. It is always important to take a step back to recollect your thoughts, redefine your life and reinvent who you are. In order to grow to the next level in your life you have to be willing to move forward. Moving forward simply means leaving the past behind, not allowing the past to stop you from living in the now. The past is what you cannot change but the present is inevitable. I can attest to allowing the past to hinder me from moving on to the next phase of my life. Since I have been on vacation this summer I realize how important it is to move forward. For too long I have allowed failed relationships and failed friendships to hold me handcuffed to my past. It is imperative you give yourself permission to a fresh start, it is your right to push the delete button and start over again. I had to learn to forgive myself when others did not forgive me, I had to learn to love myself when others did not reciprocate it, I had to learn to be mature when the other parties involved choose to act like a child and I had to learn to be my biggest fan, cheerleader and supporter when no one else was there. The key ingredient to moving forward is having faith. Faith is not measured by what you can see but is measured by what you cannot see. When you do not allow fear to control your steps and make a decision to step out of the box then you will see God’s hand guiding you in the right direction.

Here are the lessons I am learning while on vacation in beautiful Virginia:

1) Move Forward, Leave The Past Behind!
2) Do not explain yourself, you are grown.
3) Do not fear the unknown.
4) Do not force it, let it happen naturally.
5) Think outside the box.
6) Follow the road of happiness.
7) Live life!
8) Make it happen!
9) Focus, Silence & Action!
10) Change is Good!
11) Do not just have a dream, live the dream & do the dream!
12) Let if flow!
13) Do not settle.
14) Stop playing it safe & live life full of adventure.
15) Stop caring about what others think, do you , be you and stay true.

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