I Want More!


     Today I was supposed to take a day off from social media, writing and school work however I was not successful with sticking to that commitment. However, I did take a break from my school work per my daughter’s orders (LOL). It was hard to take a break from my writing because this is what I do best; writing heals me, soothes me and inspires me when everything else seems to fail . It is not hard to take a break from my social media outlets but today I received a great tweet from a fellow writer saying these words:

Danni Kay@mzaleck: @releasethepen: And so I’m set 2 write Dating Tales of a Church Girl 4 the next 6 wks! Check me out every Mon on       

     In a quick instance this tweet uplifted me because when you have a gift and work hard at what you do you pray that soon your gift will be showcased before the world. Her news gave me hope, joy, faith and determination not to cast away my confidence in the gift God has freely given me. When your words have the power to alter someones life then the gift you carry is powerful. Words are powerful, Proverbs 18: 21 says so,”The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (NIV).
  Eventhough, I have been blessed with so many opportunities in my writing I am still determined to reach higher ground. God has blessed me with an amazing gift to touch people’s soul through the stroke of my pen. I am very grateful for the doors He has opened up in my writing journey this year and years pasted but, Danni’s tweet gave me hope to never settle for mediocrity but continue to reinvent myself through my writing. I am in a different space and place in my life now so I yearn to have more, obtain more and be more . I know where I am is not where I plan to be in the next couple of months. Some may believe that wanting more is wrong but wanting more means you are making a choice to live the life you desire. Why settle for less when you can have more, expect more and live abundantly. We were created to live a fabulous life and today Danni’s tweet reminded me to jump on the bandwagon of expectation; “Expect more, Want More, So You Can Have More!”      

You can follow Danni @mzaleck on twitter or check out her site at www.missaleck.com   and check her out on essence.com for her feature every Monday for the next 6wks “Dating Tales of a Church Girl “.

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