A Peaceful Journey….

In this new journey I am undergoing it is requiring me to look at myself and life in a different spectrum. I have always been a person who allowed things to easily upset, frustrate or annoy me. I would find myself losing my composure enticing my emotions to jump off the deep end. However, in the last two weeks I have been taking lessons in being a calmer person. My daughter has given me great lessons in learning to embrace life on a whole new level. My daughter is only ten years old but I realize how much her presence in my life has been a gift to me. As I observe her I have found out that my daughter has a gift of tranquility. She is such a sweet, pleasant, quiet, and humorous person to be around. Her spirit has truly enlighten my life in great ways in the last two weeks. It’s funny how God uses the small things in life to get our attention in order to produce the person he want us to be. Peace is important to have because it teaches you how to be still when chaos, turmoil, anger and other emotions are present. The negative emotions we convey are like a hurricane ready to tear up our lives to destroy our peace. It is imperative to learn to not run away every time life seems to be stressful but to learn to stand and command your peace to be still. When you are always trying to escape your life then you find yourself running from things because you do not have any peace from within. Vacations are great but in life it requires us to learn how to escape chaotic situations by taking small vacations of peace. This peace journey has challenged me to see how important it is to calm down and regroup my emotions before I allow them to get the best of me. Peace is the essential key to unlock the great blessings of our lives. When you have peace from within you will learn how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Peace will overtake you and you will find it to be valuable throughout your life. Many people search for peace but never find it because they fail to realize where it lies. Peace lies within us all we just have to learn to connect to the source of it.

Below are simple steps you can take to receive, walk and live in your peace:

1. Get to the root: Realize that everything that needs to be dealt with has a root. Get to the root of your problem. Once the root is found then uprooting process begins….

2. Takers: Understand the cause of what have you allowed to take your peace. Peace is a free gift given by God since the beginning of time. Figure out the “taker agents” (who or what have you allowed to steal your peace)

3. Inspect That Gadget: Inspect the environment you are in and observe whether you have been the cause of your own chaotic state. Sometimes we can create our own chaos and drama so we begin to attract these same things in our environment.

4. The Source: If you do not know who is the source of your peace then no matter what journey you take you will continue to detour down an endless road. In Christianity Jesus Christ is our source of peace because he is peace. So be willing to find the source of your peace

Having peace can sustain you and keep you mentally, emotionally and physically stable in life!

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