Beauty and The Beast

The more you kill the beast within you the more the beauty of who you are will stand out! ~Stylicia A. Bowden~
Life can bring out the beauty and the beast in us all but the beast can be resurrected during the times we may feel under pressure. However, it is important to understand what triggers the beast in you. There is a beast that lies dormant on the inside of every woman and every man. In order to bring out the beauty we must confront the beast by finding the problem. For example, the beast that raged on the inside of me was the spirit of anger. I was accustom to lashing out in anger when someone made me mad. My anger was harmful because I was a passive aggressive person. A passive-aggressive person does not express their anger but suppress it. Over the years I have learned to confront my anger and get to the root of why my anger was out of control. The emotion of anger is a normal emotion we all deal with in life. However, we have to be conscientious on how we deal with our anger. Below are simple steps to tame the beast and bring out the beauty when dealing with anger:
1) Assessment. When someone triggers your angry beast within before you react out of emotion evaluate whether the situation is worth getting angry over.
2) Evaluate. Examine the mood you were in before you got angry. Sometimes our outburst is the result of other issues. 
3) Confront. When you become angry confront the person that has aroused this emotion. However before you confront the person make sure you have calmed down before you speak to the person who made you angry.
4) Resolve. If your anger issues result into behavior that is abusive then it is important to seek counseling for anger management.
Anger is a natural emotion but how we allow this emotion to control us will result in a positive or negative outcome. Control your anger by confronting your anger!

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