Never Give Up!

Life is like a winding road sometimes you may not know which road to take but all roads will lead you right back to your predestined journey. ~Stylicia A. Bowden~

If someone would have told me I would be graduating from college at the age of 33 with my bachelor’s degree in business administration I would have not believed them. I was always into my education and worked hard to see myself accomplish my goals. It was always my goal to attend college after high school and get my degree in Journalism. However, my life took different journeys which lead me down many winding roads. When I graduated from high school I started one year of college at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. However, I became easily distracted during my first year in college and did not have enough money to return the following semester. I realized that I wanted more out of life than college so I decided to join the US Navy at the age of 19. I was able to see the world and still let the military pay for my education. I spent a year in college at my first duty station but then lost my focus again when I got stationed somewhere else. When I became a mother at the age of 22, I was no longer focused on my goals. However, I was still determine to readjust some things in order to finish my education. After being stationed overseas I started to work on my education for a brief moment but then my second child was born. I could have quit but I knew getting my college education was always a goal in my life. During my last duty station I knew the military lifestyle was coming to an end but before I left the military another curve ball was thrown to me, the death of my youngest daughter. I would have never imagined myself losing my child but when this happen I was devastated and it changed my life.  In 2007, I left the military for good but had no clue on what I was going to do with my life. I knew I had no desire to ever again work for another company again so I jump back on the college horse in 2009 to finish my Associate Degree. However, in 2010 with only 1 class away from my degree I failed my last class due to overwhelming pressure and personal issues. I was discouraged but I kept moving forward to accomplish my dream. In January 2011 I registered at Strayer University in Charleston, SC. I decided to use all of my college credits from my last college and the military to obtain a bachelors degree in business administration. I was challenged with balancing being a single mother, helping my oldest daughter with her homework and creating a new life as a college student. It was a long road but I can proudly say this year I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration on October 27th, 2012 in Norfolk, VA. Sometimes life will not go the way you plan but it is up to you to not allow your circumstances to hold you back from accomplishing your dream. If your goal is important to you continue to work towards it, the road maybe bumpy but you can do it!

I am now working towards my MBA in International Business….My college education is for my daughter, mom,dad, brothers and all the people who died just to get an education in my culture and ancestry. With each degree I obtain there is a legacy I carry with it and people attached to my educational success.

P.S. This blog post was also featured on College Girl Inc. for this month     

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