Fashion Is A Girl’s Best Friend!

Marilyn Monroe was famous for stating “Diamonds are a girl best friend!” but I truly believe fashion has become my best friend. I have two storage boxes of fashion magazines from Glamour to Vogue. Ever since I was in high school I would spend endless hours in the library looking at all the fashion magazines. Fashion has a way of telling a story through the way you dress, wear makeup and wear your hair. Fashion can help you create your own signature look effortlessly. As I have become more confident in the fabulous years of my 30s I am realizing the clothes, hair and makeup that create my signature style. I am a firm believer that everyone has a style of their own but many women may not know how to create it. Before you become one with fashion you have to convert to the real you. Many readers who follow my blog know I have discussed my authentic journey; dealing with my issues, building my confidence and getting rid of toxic people in my life. Before I could truly walk into the fullness of who I was I first had to face my issues head on and learn to be okay with my imperfections. Many women hide behind name brand clothes, makeup and hair because they have no concept of who God created them to be. So instead of allowing their makeup, hair and clothes to compliment them they allow these things to define them. If you struggle with finding your fashion niche or that signature style that makes you authentic, follow these tips to allow fashion to become your best friend.  

Tips To Dress Authentically:

Tip #1: Be Authentic. Its ok to get inspiration from someone else style but always make it your own.

Tip #2: Experiment. It is always good to spice up your look in fashion by wearing something bold whether it’s red lipstick, printed paints or a bright colorful shirt. Never be scared to step outside your comfort zone.

Tip #3: Signature Look. Start creating your own signature look whether it is how you wear you hat, makeup or something that simply states who you are. My signature slogan and look for myself is “less is more”. I love to be bold, classy and elusive at the same time.

After taking these steps you should be well on your way to making fashion your best friend.

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