Authentic Fridays Guest Blogger: Trenace Carter " Everyone that is with you isn’t FOR you!"

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Misery loves company….

I have heard that so many times and for so many years. Has anyone actually thought about what that really means? I will wait……..
People that are miserable like to have others around them that are miserable. This person may or may not realize this is who they are. This person may be upset and will interact with people to make them unhappy or upset as well. They make excuses for their bad attitudes.They constantly complain. You may even find that these people often say that they have HATERS but they are often spending time hating on their “haters”. Now, that makes a lot of sense.
She is your friend to your face but behind your back she just can’t help but talk bad about your or even tell something personal/private about you. Some of the things that she says to you are in order to make herself *SHINE* in someone else’s eyes.
What is even more interesting is that we interact with these type of people, women, on a regular basis. You ignore how she behaves because you have become accustomed to her behavior, her rants, her raves, her meanness. Yes she is many times mean!! Very mean.
I used to have a friend. Nice lady, helpful, fun to be around…until she saw that I was happy or I wasn’t doing what SHE wanted me to do. If she couldn’t get her way she would be mean, nasty, disrespectful and argumentative. She was mad one day for no apparent reason, she called her daughter’s dad made him mad. When she ended the call she was smiling, just as happy. She often blamed her bad behavior on her cycle.
Soooo, what do you do. If you value this friendship. You speak with her honestly. Tell her how she behaves and tell her how it makes you feel. If the behavior doesn’t begin to end you could have to change your relationship or even end it. I changed our relationship but she ended it because I changed it. Value who you are. Value your happiness. Value your space. Value your peace.
Now, if you can’t think of a person that behaves in these negative ways….it is probably you. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror. Don’t be afraid to journal it out. Don’t be afraid to get some help. It could be depression. Depression can be fixed with help.
Then again it may not be depression. It could be jealously, envy or even hate. Everyone that is with you is not always for you. Friend may be a foe. People that have been in your circle for years, may have to be left behind for you to shine. Sometimes the ones that are closest to you could be your worst enemy. Step away with the realization that you have to surround yourself with people of like mind.
A mindset of success!

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