Slow Down, Face The Pain & Heal!

When life consumes you & you find yourself on full speed ahead take a step back and slow down. ~Stylicia~
I never thought it would be this challenging to slow down and not travel for a month. I can truly say I have been challenged in this area because I am usually on the road where the wind is hitting my hair and my eyes are wide open for a new adventure. However, this month I have found myself stationary and listening to my own thoughts as they play on repeat. In this time of seclusion I had to face some internal issues and realize it does not feel so good. Sometimes when we are always running around, hiding and dodging our real thoughts we can never deal with the real issues. I realize living here in SC has been challenging for me mentally and emotionally because it is very slow and country but God has used this place to make me face myself. I understand that healing can never take place if I am always running and never slowing down to hear my thoughts. This particular moment in my life has taught me to be real with myself and face areas of my life where the pain still remains. I have realized there lies some internal issues that I have to confront and start working towards a resolution in order to start the healing process. If I am always around noise I can never hear the quiet voice on the inside of me. When you are always busy that does not accumulate to you being productive. Sometimes we stay busy to stop thinking about how hurt we are, how lonely we are or how much we need help. This month has been a time where God has challenged me to deal with issues and heal. Authenticity has everything to do with you being true to yourself and sometimes this can be the hardest thing to do. In my authentic journey I am faced with real issues that sometimes have been buried by my own disillusion. I told myself in 2013 I refuse to lie to myself in order for me heal. If we never slow down to face what lies on the surface of our souls we can never truly be free. Freedom comes when we make a decision that life is about being better not bitter and not allowing the residue of pain to sit. Once I made a decision to submit to slowing down and face the music I realize my healing is starting in areas that I never thought were still in pain. I challenge you today to slow down, face the music and hear your soul so you can heal. If you are always so busy and consumed you can never really listen to the voice that is trying to get your attention. In order to be healthy in your life you have to be willing to…Slow Down..Face The Pain…And Heal!

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