Authentic Spotlight Interview: Rachel Walker, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

The Inspirational Corner always will do our best to bring you unique people, ideas and thoughts to bring inspiration to your life. In doing this we are working on providing you with interviews, articles and much more to keep you inspired. In order to keep the focus on being your authentic self I have created “Authentic Spotlight Interviews”. The following interviews will be on a monthly basis included with my bimonthly blog post.

Our first Authentic Spotlight Feature is none other than singer, songwriter and recording artist—Rachel Walker.

Let the “The Ra[E]volution” begin….

(Photo by: Ellen Stagg)
“Being authentic means knowing who you are and knowing that you have something of value to bring to the table”. ~Rachel Walker

Me: First of all, I would like to say it is such a pleasure to have you as our first Authentic Spotlight Interviewee. I would like to first inquiry about your artistry. What is your form of artistry?

Rachel: I am a singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer, and producer.

Me: I always find music to be inspiring for me. How do you use your artistry to inspire humanity?

Rachel: I write songs about love and life. The goal is to express myself through music, sound and words with honesty and creativity. I use my artistry to give people music that they can enjoy with a message and sound that inspires joy, happiness, movement/dancing, emotion, reflection, affirmation and love.


Me: Since you have a great love for what you do as an artist what are some valuable lessons you learned during the process of developing your artistry?

Rachel: I have learned so much but I would have to say that the most valuable lesson I have learned is that it okay to let go: let go of control both vocally and creatively, let go of insecurities, let go the fear of judgment, let go of trying to please everyone and let go of boundaries. So much of development starts with not being so restricted and your willingness to step outside of what is comfortable and familiar. It is so important to trust yourself and it is okay to make mistakes.

Me: I believe you just said a mouth full. This is such a profound statement. Since you have learned so much what word would you use to describe your journey as an artist?

Rachel: I would say that the best word to describe my journey is “evolving”. I started my journey with very little knowledge but a whole lot of desire and heart.  Now I feel extremely knowledgeable but I’m still I’m still learning and growing with my artistry. You can never really know enough.

Me: My blog is centered on being your authentic self, what does being authentic mean to you?

Rachel: Being authentic means being honest and not being afraid to speak your truth even if it’s not popular. Being authentic means knowing who you are and knowing that you have something of value to bring to the table.

Me: Since you talk about speaking your truth, The Inspirational Corner tagline is: “Live Bold, Live Loud & Live Authentically” in what ways has this concept been implied in your artistry form or became your truth in life?

Rachel: This tagline resonates so much with me. When I put out my first album “Walk With Me” in 2009, I didn’t know a lot about the business nor did I know a lot of people in the business. All I knew is that I had songs inspired by my life experiences that I wanted to put out into the world and the album gave me a specific goal to reach. It was a bold decision in itself simply because it was my first time sharing my music publicly


I continue to “Live Bold, Live Loud & Live Authentically” as I put the final touches on my sophomore project, “The Ra[E]volution”, due for release in Fall of 2013. This album is the soundtrack to many of my experiences over the last 2 years. Musically and lyrically, “The Ra[E]volution”, captures the evolution of my sound and creativity in a way that you have never heard from me before. As I said previously, letting go is the hardest thing to do in a world where people strive for acceptance and popularity. On this record, I am not holding anything back. I am fearless. More importantly, the purpose of this record is to identify with the listener, and to encourage the listener to also let go, embrace change, to be fearless and enjoy how that feels.

I am so incredibly proud of this project and my team and look forward to sharing it with the world very soon.

Me:Rachel, I believe as an artist you have so much to give because you are passionate about what you do. What would be your words of inspiration to inspire someone who endeavors to live their dream?


Rachel: I would have to say, love what you do with your whole heart; live it and breathe it. It is surely your genuine love for what you do, that will ultimately carry you through the challenges you will face along the way. I can’t tell you how much disappointment I have experienced in pursuit of my dreams, but it was my love for music that kept me going. I learned along the way to expect disappointments but never let anyone or anything steal my love for music and leave me stagnant. I would also add that you may not feel the support from people in your circle or even family members but that’s ok. People are going to convince you that your dreams are too far fetched. The key thing is for you to NEVER tell yourself that. If no one else encourages you, encourage yourself. Now go get ‘em!

You can find more information about Rachel Walker at: 

To download both of her singles  on iTunes go to:

“Walk With Me”

“Falling”  collaborated with Spoken Word Artist, Tshombe Sekou,  

So Lovely-Rachel Walker


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