Giving Back To Yourself During The Holiday Season!

The more you give of yourself, the more you need to give to yourself. ~Christine Hohlbaum

As the holiday season is vastly approaching we find ourselves once again caught up in the hustle and bustle of buying presents for our loved ones. We spend massive hours shopping, looking and identifying the perfect gift for our family and friends. The Christmas season is full of joy, love, sharing, caring and giving back. The ultimate gift of the holiday season is the birth of Jesus Christ and how he gave back to us by sacrificing his life for the redemption of our sins. This holiday season is filled with replenishing; indulging oneself in laughter, love and warmth from people we deem as family. However, I truly believe in this elaborate holiday season we tend to drain ourselves financially, mentally and emotionally. We forget to give back to the most important person in our life-US!

Instead of putting ourselves as a number one priority on our Christmas list we tend to put our needs and wants last. Life is meant be lived to the fullest  cherishing every moment. When we begin to cherish the moment we can begin to understand the importance of self preservation. In self preservation we can learn to preserve our sanity during the holidays by simply making ourselves a priority.  This year in the holiday season I decided to only buy gifts for my daughter. I also decided to make my Christmas list for myself. I have spent plenty of years spending dollars on people that never reciprocated the same giving spirit as me. I would find myself wasting dollars on insignificant people that had no particular value in my life. However, as I have matured over the years I have realized the importance of taking care of myself. I realized I never really made a Christmas list for myself, contemplating what I wanted for the holiday season. It is imperative to give back to yourself this holiday season by nurturing your needs and wants. Below I will give you a few tips on how to give back to yourself this holiday season.

Tips To Give Back To Yourself:

1. Take Time Off Of Work: Instead of letting all of your vacation time build up how about taking time off to plan a date with yourself. Schedule a day off to relax during the holiday only immersing yourself in taking care of you.

2. Go On A Shopping Spree: The Christmas season is filled with shopping for gifts for everyone in your family including friends how about this year you make a list for yourself and get at least three items that will bring joy to your heart this holiday season. If you really are in the spirit put a gift under the tree for yourself!

3. Enjoy You: Inspite of the crazy crowds while you are out in the holiday season madness remember to enjoy quiet time for yourself and enjoy your own company.

The holidays are meant to enjoy so do not forget to enjoy yourself during the holiday season. Giving back to yourself should be top priority!

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