Dive Into The Unknown!

I woke up with a deep inclination with the thought of no longer doing something I don’t love because it was time to pursue what I really loved. I did not want to continue wasting time  working on a job that did not give me fulfillment. I wanted to break the shell to live beyond the line of mediocre. I knew it was time to let go of the things that made me miserable and gravitate to the things that fulfilled me. The one thing I knew I had to let go was my job. Some people wake up to go to work others wake up to go to their career and some simply wake up to go to life. When I say that some people wake up to go to life I simply mean that some people no longer live in the box of mediocrity but they are living the life they desire because they possess the faith and courage to pursue their dreams. However, it is bigger than pursuing your dreams; pursuing life wholeheartedly without limitations is brave. Many people live in a fish bowl hoping something or someone can save them from their misery. In reality, we have the power to save ourselves by taking back our life. I believe I am in a season where I have decided to take back my life. If I want to take back my life I have to be bold enough to create the life I desire. The first thing I realized I had to do was exchange my spoken words with action.

Many of us constantly say what we will do but never apply the action. Action is a key ingredient to taking back your life so you can live a life of fulfillment. I know I cannot spend another day, hour or moment not doing what I love because it is slowly taking bits and pieces away from my energy. I need the energy to do what is sufficient to me. It is important to be wise in the things you put your energy into in life. We constantly waste our energies on unproductive factors that lead us to dead ends where we have to back track to our first love, vision or dream. Some of us are in the middle of pursuing the dream, the vision working a 9 to 5 to transition to our ultimate goal. No matter where you maybe in the pursuit of life you have to be willing to dismiss the fear factor and dive into the unknown. The unknown exist outside of your comfort zone. The unknown is a place where you no longer feel comfortable but a bit uneasy. However, it is through our uneasiness where we begin to pierce through the balloon of our best life. Situations that challenge us have the distinct power to change us for the better.  If you are willing to be uncomfortable then you are ready to live life. Life can only be lived if your ready to explore unfamiliar places. The hidden places are the places that will bring a sense of contentment and joy. I challenge you not to waste anymore time feeling comfortable where your happiness is withering away but to break the shell, dive into the unknown. The unknown will be the beginning of starting the best life you could ever imagine. Launch out into the unknown!


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