Resilience: The Ability to Bounce Back!

In the past several months I have personally endured things that have challenged me, made me cry, mentally wore me down and made me wonder where was my life headed. However, through all the cloudy days in my life God has consistently allowed the sun to peak through on certain occasions. The tough patches in my life has made me resilient and taught me valuable lessons about myself.

I believe the biggest lesson I have learn is that rainy days are preparation for the beautiful sunny days. Nothing we go through in life is permanent. We do not have to embrace the negative days but we can gracefully go through the process  understanding something greater will be manifested out of the pain. I believe pain is the catalyst utilized to shift us into our predestined place .

During my wilderness experience I knew how important it was to change my mindset. Our mindset or mental view of what we see can defeat us or we can defeat it. In spite of the negative attacks I learned that I did not have to settle for what was being handed to me. Often in life we become comfortable in our struggle. We sometimes allow our identity to become our struggle.

Life troubles will not dissipate but you can decide to maintain your joy in spite of hardship. During the difficult seasons of my life I have learn to cultivate a stronger spiritual relationship. While cultivating a more intimate spiritual bond I have learn that God gives us strength in the midst of our weak moments. Resilience is the power of elasticity. When you are bent, stretched, pulled or twisted out of your regular form resilience gives you buoyancy through the storm.

No matter how hard life may get remember these three important things:

  • Nothing in life is permanent.
  • Change your mind change your life.
  • Resilience is the bridge to keep you from gaping.

So, when life gets a little uncomfortable make it up in your mind to endure the process gracefully with a dose of resilience!

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