I See You

“I See You”
Once in a lifetime you stumble upon movies that speak to your heart. They make an impression on your life which gives you inspiration in some form or another. There are many love stories that hit the movie screen every day but some are so transparent to the point you can actually relate to the storyline. Beyond The Lights was not just your typical love story of two people falling in love but it was a transparent love story that showed two lost people who needed to find themselves. They became each other’s hero.

I remember a time in my life where I was drowning and I needed someone to be my hero. I needed someone to save me from the life I was sinking in.  It was during the season my youngest daughter died, I needed help and no one could see me. For the last several years, I carried the pain of brokenness especially in love relationships. I built walls to protect my heart from feeling the pangs of falling in love with the wrong man.

However, spring 2014 came upon me and love blossomed with him. We crossed each other’s path unpredictably; I was not expecting him neither was he expecting me.  He told me his goal was to make me believe in love again. I was not convinced of his declaration. There was no way I was going to take him seriously at his word. I knew I was not going to put my heart on the line for love again. Yet, eight months later he proved me wrong and he made me believe in love again.

I was scared to take a risk because I feared love but there is no fear in love. He became my hero and I became his hero. I never had someone who could see my soul. I see you Kaz told Noni Jean in the movie, which is a powerful statement. True love will allow you to see right through the walls someone builds.

He saw right through me, he could see me!


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