New Things In 2015

Dear Readers,
In our attempt to keep our content fresh and innovative the Inspirational Corner desires to create themes each month in 2015 where each article post during the month will embody that theme. For example our theme for January 2015 is newness so our articles that month will reflect subjects on new beginnings, new you, new year etc.
Also, the visionary behind this blog Ms. Stylicia Bowden will be giving details on her upcoming book project. She will create a live tweechat centered around her new book. She will also republish her 2012 book The Inspirational Corner by adding up to date content in it. You will see the marketing and promotion for her projects via her social media sites.
The Inspirational Corner main vision for 2015 is creating a diverse, loyal and consistent readership community. In order for us to effectively build our readership community we will be campaigning for readers to sign up to our mailing list.
We also want to encourage positivity, love and inspiration in our blog. It is important for us to become an international brand in the blogging world. We will work on connecting with bloggers on an international level to create our global vision for inspiration.
We are looking forward to a productive year and we hope you share this blog with people who need a little boost of inspiration and authentic reading.
Thank You,
The Inspirational Corner

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