A Writer’s New Year Goals

As 2015 is rampantly coming it is our goal to get all writing deadlines finish before the new year. Writers constantly struggle with the right words, eye catching phrases and hooks to draw readers into their world.  I am serious about my writing career becoming something fulltime beyond an expensive hobby. In order to make my writing a fulltime career I have to become serious about changing my writing habits. Gone are the days where I just write to write now I write to breathe, eat and live.

Writing is a passion that I cannot turn off. I want people to be inspired, renewed and feel a sense of comfort when they read my art. Writing is written art because we paint pictures with our words. Below, I have listed a few goals for the new year in my writing career. If you are a writer I encourage you to write down your goals and become intentional to follow through on making your writing career a dream come true. 

New Year Goals…..

1) Take a writing course. I plan to take a travel writing course to merge the two things I love travel & writing.

2) Go to a conference. I have been searching high and low for a conference I can attend either for blogging or self publishing. This year I plan to attend a conference in theses genres near my area.

3) Complete my book I am way behind on completing some chapters for my new book project. I have to play catch up in January.

4) Be a guest blogger. I have been a consistent contributor on Mind Of A Diva blog, in 2015 I want to expand my writing voice to connect with other bloggers as well.

5) International Blogger. It is my intention to create a international writing brand by connecting my writing more to international bloggers.

6) Republish my book. In 2012, I wrote my first inspiring book “The Inspirational Corner” but it did not go anywhere so in my attempt to repolish it I will be republishing my book to add up to date things to it.

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