New Year, New Goals

Holidays are over and now we began to focus on our list of things to accomplish for a new year. It is customary for people to make resolutions, go on a vision board frenzy to declare their path for success. However, as the New Year has boldly proclaimed its entrance it’s time to make sure you have plans to execute your goals.
I stopped making new year resolutions and began to make goals. It was more realistic to me to list my goals than to talk about things I would do for a new year. Goals are more effective because they give you a clear sense of the direction you are willing to take to make your dream a reality. In order to obtain all that is due to you make a list of your goals for each area of your life. After you list your goals then it is time to break them up into smaller goals. Each goal you list should be realistic and obtainable to execute within a certain time frame.
The next step is to create a plan of action to accomplish your goals. It will be important to review all the necessary things you may need to produce each goal. When you do a plan of action you may need to reassess what activities you need to withdraw from and deposit your time into the things that are bringing you closer to your goal. Planning strategically will help you complete each goal successfully. Do not forget to make a calendar timeline for your expected completion dates.
The last thing to do to make your new year goals reachable is execution. Life obstacles will come but you have to stay focused on completing the goals you set forth. The greatest thing to do is to eliminate distractions and surround yourself with people moving in the same direction as you are. It is up to you to keep the vow you made to yourself.
Just remember to Stay Motivated & Kill Procrastination!

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