The Superhero of Words

The most sacred thing in life is to cherish your small beginnings and embrace the road bumps. We speed through the road bumps hoping to arrive at our destination quicker but we do ourselves an injustice because learning to slow down, enjoying the view will help us appreciate the journey ahead. When I first started my journey as being a self-published author I was focused on producing content quick, thrusting it out to the public and becoming a household name – to my surprise it did not work that way. I encountered many humbling experiences just to learn that is was never about me. It was my role to impact someone’s life with my words.

When you are a writer you have a responsibility to be able to communicate written and verbal effectively. Sometimes as writers we have poor communication with those around us. I have learned that writing creates worlds which produce reality. Words are powerful they have the ability to alter someone’s life permanently. Writers are like superheroes we have the power to inspire, uplift, educate and empower someone who reads our written work. We can never take our talent lightly it holds a lot of weight. Since I have been writing professionally for the last six years I came to the conclusion that being transparent is powerful.

People who are looking for the answer to their life problems need transparency, authenticity and honesty. As a writer if we cannot write from a place of sincerity it leaves the reader feeling empty searching for a solution. Our mission as writers is to connect the dots mentally, emotionally and visually for our readers. I encourage you to never leave the reader hanging if God has given you the gift to write, write without hesitation but most of all write with a purpose! 

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