Generating Gratitude Daily…..

As the holiday season is approaching we take the time to reflect on the things we cherish & what we are thankful for each day. However, I believe harnessing the power of gratitude should be a daily ritual in order for us to focus on how fortune we are in life. Thanksgiving is the holiday we set aside time to remember how grateful we are and how important our loved ones are to us. 

Below is a list  complied to help you create a daily life of gratitude.

1) Do not take the small things for granted.
2) Be polite.
3) Smile often.
4) Be courteous.
5) Spend time with loved ones.
6) Travel & see the world around you.
7) Take a walk & enjoy the beauty of nature.
8) Take a day off.
9) Don’t text people all the time pick up the phone so they can hear your voice.
10) Say I love you.
11) Be kind.
12) Spend time with your children.
13) Spend time alone.
14) Pray, meditate & create rituals to build your mind, soul and spirit.
15) Exercise.
16) Learn to appreciate alone time.
17) Pause.
18) Eat slow, don’t rush & sleep more.
19) Play more.
20) Say “Thank You” always!

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