Thoughts That Shape Our Life….

I am great believer in understanding that what we think has a great amount of power to shape our world. At the end of 2014 my goal was to create a better community of readership on my blog by creating monthly themes. After, changing my mindset on the success of my blog it has become an international place for inspiration. 

My goal was to create a blog that was inspiring as well as give my readership community solutions, tips & life coaching through life obstacles. This year I have became more confident in my writing skills. I have realized that this blog is far beyond talking about myself but is utilized to help others understand they are not alone.

Below are some powerful thoughts that helped me shape a successful year for my blog:

1) I am a great writer. It important for me to believe in myself and to take time to invest in my writing skills.

2) Do what I love. If I was not doing what I loved then I truly was not loving me.

3) My voice is important. There are many blogs in the virtual world but my blog was different because no one has my story. My voice matters and my story matters.

4) One Person. If one person clicked my page and read my blog post I was making a difference. It’s not in the quantity but in the quality.

5) Authentic Me. It is important for me to tell my stories from an authentic place. When you are authentic in your blogging you will attract the crowd that you desire. Just be yourself & write from the heart!

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