Announcement: Details On Inspire YoUniversity!

Inspire YoUniversity is an online atmosphere utilized to help women discover who they are and reconnect with their true identity. We will provide courses that will help women live bold, loud and authentic lives. 

These courses will help women:

  • face their past issues
  • create a plan to reconnect with the woman they lost in the storms of life
  • teach them the importance of being honest and true to themselves without societal validation
The courses will be offered in a PDF format with provided materials and an audio introduction to the course. The first course package that will be available is our Art of Becoming Series. The Art of Becoming Series entails three classes: The Art of Becoming (Class 1), The Power of Becoming (Class 2) & Just Become (Class 3).
Each course can be purchased individually or as a package to get the benefit of the course in its entirety. Also the courses will be available for a limited time as we provide new courses twice a year. The Art of Becoming Series will be available this fall. 

More details will follow…….

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