You Are Enough….

You Are Enough.....

In a world filled with words, images and ideas of what we should be and how we should act affect women everyday. Everyday women are plagued by the negative thought of feeling “not enough”. She constantly search for the thing that will make her be accepted but the truth is who we are is not linked to society.

I have constantly gone through this insanity cycle of not feeling like who I am is not enough. The biggest root of me not feeling enough was linked to my desire to be accepted by people. I found myself on an endless journey of trying to please others believing this would cure my hunger for approval.

However, it didn’t it made my addiction worse. I went through an identity crisis in my relationships wanting the man I was currently dating to validate my exist in life. Yet, when he got tired of me and wanted out of the relationship I would spiral into depression, feeling of brokeness.

Since I have taken intentional steps to change this idea with prayer, meditation and therapy my life has changed. Now, I know this idea of feeling “not enough” was the root of the belief system I had about myself. Many of the beliefs I had about myself stemmed from my past. I know now that my love, worth, confidence is wrapped up in Jesus Christ. My spiritual beliefs helped me understand the importance of self-acceptance. The greatest understanding is knowing God accepts me for who I am already.

Everyday I have to make a choice to accept myself, love myself and even be okay with not being okay.

Here are five techniques that helped me gain awareness of how extraordinary I really am:

1. The Bible: Reading daily devotions that are centered around anything I am going through. Youversion App is my go to bible resource.

2. Meditation. I meditate daily with the Calm App. to help me navigate through a noisy world.

3. Affirmations. Affirmations are helpful to lift my spirits when I feel out of alignment. Starting your affirmations with “I AM” is powerful… I AM…beautiful, worthy, joy, peace etc. (Reference: Exodus 3:14)

4. Life Coaching. I have worked with various life coaches whether for my business, spiritual or personal development. However, this is one Master Life Coach I would recommend if you need to take back your power in confidence, self-esteem and in your femininity, Tonya Leigh. I have personally took both of her courses MDI (Modern Day Icon) and SCS (Slim Chic Savvy) changed my life.

5. Writing. Writing is my own personal therapy to help with the healing process. You do not have to be a writer to start journaling your emotions  on paper. I believe journaling is therapeutic to assist you in sorting through your emotions.

Comment below on which technique above you will use or have used to help you regain your self-worth…..

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