Book Reviewers

Hello book reviewers/book bloggers,

I am looking for book reviewers and book bloggers who review independent/self-published authors who write fiction romantic suspense literature. Recently, I have released my romantic suspense book entitled, “The Antidote.” The Antidote is a 30-page mini-book filled with twist and turns. If you are interested in reviewing my book, please email me at, and send me your link to your website for review policies. Below is a brief summary of my book and book cover:

WriterSandee Wilson, a prominent newspaper editor, has the skills to revise, correct and organize articles but couldn’t apply the same ingenuity to her love life. Now, her best friend is determined to help her get back into the groove of love. However, her journey is filled with twist and turns when she finds her best friend and ex-fiancé in an uncompromising position. Her fuel for revenge creates an emotional roller coaster in this circus of love.