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The Antidote 


Sandee Wilson, a prominent newspaper editor, has the skills to revise, correct and organize articles but couldn’t apply the same ingenuity to her love life. Now, her best friend is determined to help her get back into the groove of love. However, her journey is filled with twist and turns when she finds her best friend and ex-fiancé in an uncompromising position. Her fuel for revenge creates an emotional roller coaster in this circus of love.


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Red Lips & Stilettos: A Girl’s Guide To Self-Confidence!

Red Lips & Stilettos: A Girl’s Guide To Self-Confidence! is an eBook filled with valuable lessons to help women gain the confidence to combat low self-worth and low self-esteem. Women who struggle with past traumatic issues such as rape, abuse, molestation, heartbreak and more will be able to use this eBook as a guide to their healing journey.

This eBook will help women explore five concepts (in a bit size format) that will help them recharge and re-energize their self-worth. The five concepts were formulated to help women connect back to their authentic self. During the self-confidence journey they will understand that confidence is a priceless commodity that can change their entire life!


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The Princess Within: The Soul of A Woman 

The Princess Within: The Soul Of A Woman reflects a mirage of a woman’s heart, soul and mind. This book inspires a woman to cope with the pain and walk into the promises of God. The Princess Within: The Soul Of A Woman rejuvenates and motivates all women to evolve and grow to higher levels in their life.




The Soulseeker takes you into a journey of poems concerning love ups and downs. Each poem will help you open up your soul to love, life and heartache through the eyes of the author with words like these “Will you let me get behind your eyes and share the pain of what your life has gained. The eyes are the window to the soul that is what they say, only if you let someone in that way.”


 All About Him: The Experience

All About Him: The Experience celebrates the joys of loving a good man, leaving the wrong man and embracing love within you. All About Him: The Experience extracts information from the author’s personal experiences and general life experiences with men. 


The Writer’s Block