My Year of Jubilee, My Year of Celebrating Me!

I decided to take a whole year from October 1st 2013 to Oct 1st 2014 to focus on celebrating myself holistically. I realize as women we do not celebrate our accomplishments enough while we cater to so many other people we have to choose to cater to ourselves. I believe we lose sight of who we are because we put ourselves on the backburner supporting everyone else dreams. In this year I will celebrate who I am to the fullest. I am honored and excited to be in the November 2013 issue of Essence Magazine on pg. 14 defining my thoughts on black beauty. Get your copy today!

Fashion Is A Girl’s Best Friend!

Marilyn Monroe was famous for stating “Diamonds are a girl best friend!” but I truly believe fashion has become my best friend. I have two storage boxes of fashion magazines from Glamour to Vogue. Ever since I was in high school I would spend endless hours in the library looking at all the fashion magazines. Fashion has a way of telling a story through the way you dress, wear makeup and wear your hair. Fashion can help you create your own signature look effortlessly. As I have become more confident in the fabulous years of my 30s I am realizing the clothes, hair and makeup that create my signature style. I am a firm believer that everyone has a style of their own but many women may not know how to create it. Before you become one with fashion you have to convert to the real you. Many readers who follow my blog know I have discussed my authentic journey; dealing with my issues, building my confidence and getting rid of toxic people in my life. Before I could truly walk into the fullness of who I was I first had to face my issues head on and learn to be okay with my imperfections. Many women hide behind name brand clothes, makeup and hair because they have no concept of who God created them to be. So instead of allowing their makeup, hair and clothes to compliment them they allow these things to define them. If you struggle with finding your fashion niche or that signature style that makes you authentic, follow these tips to allow fashion to become your best friend.  

Tips To Dress Authentically:

Tip #1: Be Authentic. Its ok to get inspiration from someone else style but always make it your own.

Tip #2: Experiment. It is always good to spice up your look in fashion by wearing something bold whether it’s red lipstick, printed paints or a bright colorful shirt. Never be scared to step outside your comfort zone.

Tip #3: Signature Look. Start creating your own signature look whether it is how you wear you hat, makeup or something that simply states who you are. My signature slogan and look for myself is “less is more”. I love to be bold, classy and elusive at the same time.

After taking these steps you should be well on your way to making fashion your best friend.

Hidden Beauty

No longer hiding what is naturally been beautiful about me; my truth to myself.
 ~Stylicia A. Bowden~
It’s official 2013 is now here and as quickly as it was ushered in it will quickly roll pass too. Alot of people have jumped on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon saying “This year will be different”. I often ponder wondering what will be different about this new year for me. I choose not to do resolutions but set goals, create a plan and effectively strategize to live the life I deserve. I am tired of speaking things without putting the action behind it so 2013 for me represents “Just Do It” motto coined by Nike. In this phenomenal journey I believe it is also time to unveil hidden parts of me to embrace the authentic self. In every women’s life it comes a time where she has to be real with herself because the lies start to drain her energy. When you lie to yourself you set yourself up for disappointment, wreckless behavior and falsifying who you are. It is not appealing to live your life in manipulating yourself and pretending. I have came to the conclusion that being real with me is the only option I deserve because it helps me embrace every aspect of myself. I no longer want to hide my true emotions or accept things that are below my standards. So many women hide their true self in hopes of maintaining false relationships. Sometimes we bargain our happiness to trade it in for lies. I understood how important it was for me to start being real with myself so I can get what I deserve. I got tired of living in my disillusional world and fairytale life. I had to be willing to say what I really desired in my life and what I was allowing to hold me back from love, life and happiness. 2013 is a year for me to live life in no regrets, unveil my hidden beauty and just do it. Whatever your allowing to stop you from living then be honest about it and face it. Stop accepting life as it is and say how you really feel, what you really desire and what is blocking you. The greatest accomplishment in your life is being true to yourself because “honesty is the best policy”. Honesty is the only solution to accept who you are to bring forth a natural you. A natural woman is a woman who can say No and mean it & say “I really desire or want this…” “I do not want this or that”. This natural woman will not compromise her truth to live a fabricated life because she will never be happy. When she is truthful she will be willing to miss out on some opportunities because she is waiting on the opportunity she desires and will not settle. She choose not to fill the voids in her life with temporary nonsense just to prove to others she has someone or something. Instead she waits patiently in her truth because her truth has set her free. 

The Upgrade Experience

The most powerful thing about being a woman is understanding upgrading is a luxury that comes with the maturity of age. ~Stylicia~

2013 is soon to make head way into our lives while 2012 will be a far and distant memory for us. 2012 will be apart of an epic moment but it will be known as our past. The thought of who you are or what you were in 2012 should not be a thought at all. The only thought that should penetrate in your mind is “how will I upgrade myself in 2013”. In this last defining month of 2012 I have really embraced myself on a different level. It seems as if everything around me has been upgraded from hair, clothes, style, and all of thee above. God has taken me on an authentic journey for the last year in a half and next year in April I will celebrate my two year authentic journey; the moment I became a free woman. This month I learned how important it is to embrace living well, feeling well and the finer things in life. We were taught only rich people understand what it means to live good and be comfortable. However, living well is not about money it is a mindset. It is a wealth thing not a rich thing. This month I was able to experience the upgrade which included me crossing over to a new level of class, style and embracing the aging process. An epiphany happen this month I tap into the finer things in life like being grateful for what I have, where I am at and where I am going. I decided to do a 10 day gratitude fast speaking sounds of gratefulness to life, love and to the Lord. God has been very good in my life but I took it for granted and did not give thanks for what I have in the now. Once I started to speak words of gratefulness my life has begun to multiply. I had a great desire to look for quality and not quantity anymore in my life. The upgrade experience started in my internal being which has spilled out like an oil leak to the outer parts of my life. This month I went from Coach purses to Michael Kors purses, from rules to my wardrobe color palette to mix match bright colors, shopping at Express (which I love this store & will always shop there) to shopping at White House Black Market and from a chic short hairstyle to a funky do. I realize in the upgrade experience I started to look more mature as I walk boldly into my womanhood. The upgrade experience has just begun this month which has manifested outwardly, lying dormant inwardly.  I can now embrace my sexiness on all levels not being afraid to be a woman who embraces sexiness yet understands elegance is key. It has been such an empowerment for me to allow God to take me through this season of upgrade. I have even upgraded my finances by becoming a better steward of my money and started to save it. It has made me feel so good to at this point in my life to prepare for my future. I prepared for everything else in my life but never for my future. The upgrade experience is an exploration of my whole life transitioning to a new level. 

Ask yourself am I ready to take my life to another level in 2013, is it time to upgrade myself internally and externally and if the answer is Yes, spend the last couple of days of 2012 detoxing your mind  start fresh in 2013. It’s time for an upgrade experience and 2013 is a great year to start the process.

Cheers To A New You, Well Defined You and Embracing the Finer Things Life has to Offer You!