Mindset Ready For 2015!


In a small remote corner I sit listening to quietness as I begin to collect my thoughts to write this post. I was thirsty to write for the last couple of days but it seems as if distractions would get in my way. So, today I finally committed to writing a post before 2014 slips quietly in the background. Every year I plan my New Year’s Eve getaway with my daughter but this year I find myself in a holding pattern simply resting for this New Year’s Eve festive. My daughter was not happy that we were going to be staying home this year.

However, I always spend my life chasing the next adventure. It seems fitting to sit still and bring in the new year in a meditative state. I enjoy traveling yet if I am always moving how can I began to hear God’s plans for my life. This year I am going to be vegging out with a friend and watching movies while our kids enjoy each other company. I even suggested to my friend that we could write our future self a letter declaring our greatness for the year ahead. I believe this will cultivate a new beginning for our lives.

Many people are declaring 2015 is their year but I am fed up with the clichés and just want to produce results in 2015. We constantly make vision boards year after year but refuse to change our mindsets. We fail to realize if our mind is not made up to live different or experience anything new then every year will be the same until we change our mind. In order for 2015 to be a new year it will be important to renew your mindset. I believe writing a letter to my future self will start 2015 in a forward motion. Whatever, your ritual or holiday tradition is to bring in the New Year I challenge you to take a couple hours to clear your mind and become intentional about creating the life you want for 2015. As you become intentional make plans to follow through with completing them to make 2015 the best year of your life!

The Power Of Creativity

A person that has the power to create but stifles the ability by being passive injures the sanctity of creativity. ~Stylicia~ 

Everyone has an innate ability and power to create or produce something greater than their current situation. However, creativity is connected to our soul where thoughts, ideas, concepts and innovation springs alive in our heart. Creativity is best describe to be something or someone who has a sense of genius. They evoke their creativity by producing a visual perception of life. We often connect creativity to being an artist, poet, singer, dancer or designer but creativity is far beyond those activities. God has given everyone the ability to create because if you can visualize it then you can create it. A person that is deemed a creator has a vision and uses his/her words to produce the atmosphere that they desire. If you feel stuck or stagnant in your life then you have not be assertive about tapping into your creativity. You may have allowed distractions to fog your vision and  take you off course. However, in order to tap into your creative power you have to begin to understand the power of creativity. God created the heavens and earth by speaking into existence his visualization of the world (Genesis 1). Visualizing is an important part of creating because it help you produce the atmosphere you see. If you can imagine the life you dream of and clearly see it then the power of creativity can flourish from your vision. Also speaking the words of life will stimulate the growth of your creativity because it will produce the visualization. Words have a powerful connection in creativity because words are the foundation of creating. If you visualize but never speak of the visual stimuli then it lies dormant in your spirit. Some people have no idea of the power of creativity because they often visualize or dream but never speak the words to create the life they desire. In order to start producing the life you often visualize you first have to understand the steps in tapping into your creativity and then activate your power to produce the life you desire. So, below are quick steps to follow to inspire you to tap into the power of creativity to manufacture the life you desire and often dream of:

1. Blockage: The first step is understand what is blocking your visualization or perception of what you see…(i.e fear, torment, low self esteem, people, distractions, passiveness etc.)

2. Identify the distractions: Understand what is it that take you off course and once you pinpoint the “distracting agent” then find ways to discipline your focus by seeing the “BIG PICTURE”!

3.  Power of Words: In order to create you must attach words to your visual perception so make a list of words that identify with what you see or what you dream of…Make sure the words are a conducive to the atmosphere you wish to create. For example, I visualize myself living in Paris so the words I will attach to my visual perception is: love, muse, traveling, excitement, exploration, Eiffel Tower, French  etc. 

4. Activate: Once you practice the three steps mentioned above then it is time to activate your creative power by being assertive about creating your atmosphere. 
  • Research- You can start by researching on the Internet, buying books or going to the library to get information. 
  • Collect data-Demographics, Statistics etc.  
  • Connect- Start connecting with people who are living the life you desire or have experienced the life you often dream about. Surround yourself with like minded people. 
After you have successfully completed the following steps to guide you then you will be eager to activate the power of your creativity….