The Burnout Culture:7 Ways to Take Back Your Power….

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I couldn’t believe I spent another year working hard to end the school year suffering from burnout. I knew I enjoyed teaching but being exhausted was not in my extended life plan. It was time to change my life and end my abusive relationship with this burnout culture. So, in 2018 I began my journey into working less and living more.

America, the land of the burnout, overworked and underpaid culture, promotes the concept of living to work and working yourself into exhaustion. Americans have lost a sense of personal fulfillment and what it means to have a hobby. Instead, many Americans turn every passion into a business perpetuating an overworked lifestyle. I believe it is time to stop the obsession of chasing money, power, and success. It is time to seize the moment, embrace opportunities, and live your dreams.

Suppose you are wondering how to go from exhaustion to ease; check out the seven tips below. These seven tips will help reclaim your time and take back your life.

  1. Know Your Limits. Let your “No” mean “No” & only say yes to stuff you really want to do.
  2. Unplug. Whether it is unplugging from social media, people or your phone take time to sort through your emotions to gain clarity in the direction you want to go.
  3. Plan a sabbatical. Sometimes the demands of work and life can be overwhelming so take the time to reset by taking a year off from work.
  4. Pace Yourself. Do a little at a time instead of feeling like you have to do everything all at once.
  5. Give yourself permission to be still. It is okay to step back from your life and rejuvenate.
  6. Take a nap. Listen to your body & get the rest you deserve.
  7. Find a hobby not a business. Figure out what you love to do just for fun and remember hobbies are for personal fulfillment versus making it another business venture.

A Seat At The Table…


In a world full of people pleasers it is refreshing to be yourself. When you choose to be yourself magic happens in your life. You no longer settle for mediocrity but you embrace the extraordinary. It will ignite a spark in you to do life in a different way.

Fireworks are created when you no longer follow the crowd but decide to become the life of your own party. When you choose to walk in your power everyone will not accept you. However, learning to be you bravely takes courage.

In this journey you will understand that everyone will not get an invitation to the party of your life. The people you use to entertain will no longer get a seat to the table. You will  gravitate towards people who empower, inspire and encourage you. They will be the ones who become your tribe because you deserve a life filled with those celebrating your existence.

So, today I encourage you to reevaluate the people you have seating at the table of your life. Ask yourself this, “Is this person celebrating me or tolerating me?” You deserve the support, love and joy you give freely to everyone else.


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Be Uncommon


When you find out who you are you stop running. All the illusions you once believed about yourself begin to fade away. You realize chasing others for external validation was never needed because you found out the truth. The truth was that you were always amazing.

When you are introduced to the real you then your life will change. How do I know?Well, it took me 37 years to find the real me beyond the layers of inadequacy. I spent seven years going through my “authentic journey”. To be honest, the journey has just begun. 

All those years in my life where I felt inadequate and wanted to fit in, I never realized it was never meant for me to fit in. Freedom came when I let go of the stigma of pleasing others & embraced loving myself. I believe when people truly start being themselves then we would have a world full of originals  instead of copycats.

So, today I challenge you to embrace the passionate, weird, quirky and funloving you. Because you my friend need to be the original AMAZING masterpiece you were created to be!


Breaking All The Rules

As technology continues to evolve in the 20th century it has given us many options on ways we can meet new people. However, in this new genre of dating there are still many do’s and don’ts that can make people feel erratic. Some people have dismissed the notion of finding that special someone in their dating voyage.

Dating has become more like a full time job that has made men and women weary in every aspect. In the midst of the dating voyage many self-help books are created to assist men and women in the dating process. Self- help books, matchmakers and dating coaches have formed an alliance to give men and women a step by step guide to dating and falling in love.

However, I believe there is no magic antidote to dating or falling in love. As I have journeyed through the process of dating I realized rules are meant to be broken. I have read several self-help books on dating which assisted me in the navigation process of dating, but I can truly say the best experience is when you create rules that work for you in the dating journey.

There is no perfect man or woman that you will meet to cure your love drought however, the remedy for your dating blues is knowing what you want in a potential mate. I believe dating should be easy and relaxed when going through the process of meeting that new person. Sometimes dating can feel like a full time job because we tend to put high expectations on the other person.

Everyone should enter into the dating scene with no expectations but to have a great time. When we begin to set high expectations in dating the pressure of authenticity is dismissed because both parties tend to be an illusion of what the other person want them to be. In order to make dating enjoyable I have provided 3 steps to help you “break all the rules” in your dating journey.

Breaking All The Rules Tip:
1. Be Yourself– The most powerful antidote in dating or meeting new people is being yourself without giving someone so much of you in the first meetup. The best thing to put in practice is striving to be subtle. Less is always more.

2. Relax– Take your time to prepare effectively for your date do not put high expectations on the other person before you had a chance to meet them. It is never fair to demand perfection from someone else when you are not perfect either.

3. Fun– Never take fun out your vocabulary, enjoy the moment and do not make plans for the future with the person you are dating. It is important to focus on enjoying the moment and making a new acquaintance. After you have accomplished this understand that it is okay to make rules to fit your boundaries and desires in dating. Dating should be enjoyable not a fulltime job!

After you have accomplished this understand that it is okay to make rules to fit your boundaries and desires in dating. Dating should be enjoyable not a fulltime job!