Color Outside The Lines!

Sometimes I wonder do people really understand how boring their life truly is in essence. They never change the routine but live life on pause replaying the same events over and over. They watch avidly while everyone around them is living outside of the comfort zone.  Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. is the only place they socially interact with facades of people; instead of looking for more genuine human connection. No one seeks to live a boring life however, I believe we get consumed with life. Instead of us living life we allow life to live us.  We become plagued with boredom and hoping someone would rescue us from a life of mediocrity . Bitterness and envy plagues the heart, mind and soul because you are not living but merely existing in life. How can you change the channel from boring to a life filled with excitement and social one on one connection? Well, it does not happen overnight you have to be willing to live life on edge.

Two weeks ago my friend from New York called me proclaiming she was coming to visit me in the spur of the moment. It had been two years since we last seen each other. We have been friends since 1999 where we met at our first Navy duty station. In both of our journeys we have grown, matured and became new women. However, I did not know how much her visit would impact me. When she came to visit me I was challenged to think outside of the box in order to incorporate some fun activities and sightseeing while she was here. Nonetheless, we had a great time sightseeing and embracing new adventures. It was great to get out of the same routine of life. When she left I reflected on what I learned from her being here. I recognized how boring my life had become even though I have always been a woman of adventure. I had a different thirst for life after she boarded the plane to get back to her life. I knew I could not go back to the same BORING routine in my life I needed to step out of the shadows and make plans to live it up. 

Life circumstances can paralyze your ability to rest, relax and enjoy life. Life is filled with simplicity yet we add our own complications to it. I wanted to stop settling for a boring life. I decided to trade in my training wheels for my BIG girl wheels. Life has too many adventures for me to sit just to watch them go by. We only have one chance to live an unforgettable life. In order to make it unforgettable you have to be willing to dance to the beat of your own drum and be you without limitations. I was the first one to take the step out of the boat to test the waters and to find the essence of life. In my findings I understand the fun in living outside the lines. The most essential key to live a more lively life is color outside the lines of routine. The same is routine is BORING! I charge you today to “Color outside the lines!”

Hidden Beauty

No longer hiding what is naturally been beautiful about me; my truth to myself.
 ~Stylicia A. Bowden~
It’s official 2013 is now here and as quickly as it was ushered in it will quickly roll pass too. Alot of people have jumped on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon saying “This year will be different”. I often ponder wondering what will be different about this new year for me. I choose not to do resolutions but set goals, create a plan and effectively strategize to live the life I deserve. I am tired of speaking things without putting the action behind it so 2013 for me represents “Just Do It” motto coined by Nike. In this phenomenal journey I believe it is also time to unveil hidden parts of me to embrace the authentic self. In every women’s life it comes a time where she has to be real with herself because the lies start to drain her energy. When you lie to yourself you set yourself up for disappointment, wreckless behavior and falsifying who you are. It is not appealing to live your life in manipulating yourself and pretending. I have came to the conclusion that being real with me is the only option I deserve because it helps me embrace every aspect of myself. I no longer want to hide my true emotions or accept things that are below my standards. So many women hide their true self in hopes of maintaining false relationships. Sometimes we bargain our happiness to trade it in for lies. I understood how important it was for me to start being real with myself so I can get what I deserve. I got tired of living in my disillusional world and fairytale life. I had to be willing to say what I really desired in my life and what I was allowing to hold me back from love, life and happiness. 2013 is a year for me to live life in no regrets, unveil my hidden beauty and just do it. Whatever your allowing to stop you from living then be honest about it and face it. Stop accepting life as it is and say how you really feel, what you really desire and what is blocking you. The greatest accomplishment in your life is being true to yourself because “honesty is the best policy”. Honesty is the only solution to accept who you are to bring forth a natural you. A natural woman is a woman who can say No and mean it & say “I really desire or want this…” “I do not want this or that”. This natural woman will not compromise her truth to live a fabricated life because she will never be happy. When she is truthful she will be willing to miss out on some opportunities because she is waiting on the opportunity she desires and will not settle. She choose not to fill the voids in her life with temporary nonsense just to prove to others she has someone or something. Instead she waits patiently in her truth because her truth has set her free. 

It’s Okay To Try Something New!

When new ideas, concepts, thoughts and creativity come knock on your door you have to be brave enough to embrace “that something new”….~Stylicia~ 

The world around us is full of new things but yet we stick with what has become familiar; our home, friends and family is all familiar. Sometimes we are scared to embrace something new. Newness has its own mystery and self discovery for a person to immerse themselves into wholeheartedly. Today I read a news story on Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr aka Lil’ Wayne who was deciding to retire from his rapping career. He has become well known for his savvy business skills as a business mogul. He has successfully discovered new rappers such as Drake, Tyga and Nicki Minja. He explained in the article how he has been rapping for 22yrs. If you are thinking what I am thinking this is a very long time to be committed to a talent without exploring other things. He also stated in the article once he is committed to something he is committed to it wholeheartedly (100%).  This statement is a reminder for me to never be so committed to something that I cannot break the commitment to do something else. Sometimes certain commitments are worth breaking when you no longer have a zeal to do them anymore. I think about my own life how I have been writing since I was 8yrs old and have committed myself to be the best writer possible. I was committed to being a great poet but I realize I was neglecting other avenues of my gift. I was more than just a poet spitting poems on the stage I was a writer who wanted to see my articles in every well known magazine and newspaper. Its funny, writing college papers has perfected my skills in writing and challenged me to be a better writer. I would get frustrated writing papers in college on subjects that were completely boring. However, in the end it motivated me to do research to bring out a masterpiece paper. I knew in my heart it was time for me to branch out in different avenues other than poetry. I was getting tired of the traveling, not getting paid what I was worth and no one really appreciating my gift. But the epiphany came where I understood I had to appreciate my writing gift enough not to put it in a box. The truth is I have really started to enjoy blogging because it is my own space to write letters of inspiration to myself. When I started blogging two years ago I had no idea where this blog would go but God gave me ideas little by little. The blog started to evolve into my life journey of becoming a woman and becoming authentic. It was a slow process but near the beginning of this year my blogging journey took flight. Even when the blogging fever ends then I will be challenged to explore other new avenues in my writing. Timing is everything when it comes to trying something new in your life. I believe when that clock of dissatisfaction starts to creep in with one thing then its time to start fresh with something else. When the excitement is gone and there is no more butterflies something new may be creeping in your heart. If you have no passion for it anymore then maybe the passion is meant for something else. Overall, do not be fearful to spread your wings to try something new. I believe it is a brave thing to step out embrace the adrenaline rush of trying something new. Go ahead, it’s okay to try something new!