Spring Clean Your Emotions

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Spring is the perfect time to take inventory and declutter your life. However, we often limit spring cleaning to our home and disregard utilizing the same methods to spring clean our mind, body, and soul. Lately, I realize how important it is to declutter my emotions, plug into a healthy emotional state, and let go of the toxicity. 

The last couple of months of my life has been emotionally draining, and I’m ready to take my power back. I spent the last three months living with someone during my relocation journey, which affected my emotional state. When you are unaware of others’ toxic behaviors, it can cause emotional distress. Emotional distress can cause anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and much more. It is vital to take inventory of how you feel, identify your feelings, and find solutions to foster emotional well-being.

Emotional self-care sets the foundation for handling your mental capacity to deal with daily challenges in life. I decided to implement self-love, self-compassion, and self-kindness as essential points to overcome emotional meltdowns. Overall, taking care of yourself should always be on your daily agenda.

Below are a couple of ways to spring clean your emotions to relinquish the unhealthy emotional roller coasters in your life. 

  1. Identify how you feel. When you are honest about how you feel you will be able to work through every emotion even the uncomfortable ones. (Journal how you feel about an issue or situation and list the emotions that resonate with you.)
  2. Treat yourself with kindness. It is vital to not to judge how you feel but be kind to yourself & give yourself time to process each emotion.
  3. Release the emotional baggage. After you go through your process take time to let go of the toxic people, things & environment that contribute to your emotional roller-coaster.

Unpacking The Baggage

Life is filled with lessons things we learn through trial and error. Sometimes we find ourselves walking through a path no one can else walk with us. We can get use to running to our friends and family for advice but sometimes we need to sort out things on our own. I found myself in this situation for the last two weeks sorting through some unpredictable things in my life. I made a decision to take the time to confront some issues and unpack the weights that were holding me down. I found myself looking aimlessly at the water as the waves splash against the shore. My emotional baggage was weighing me down.

On a beautiful Wednesday morning I made a decision to erase the tears of the past and embrace the joy of the future. I was saying goodbye to the past embracing a new hello for my future. I did not want new people to pay for the crime of old people in my past. Today, I was taking a stand to tell fear I was no longer scared of the unknown. I slowly approached the water and released the square pieces of paper where I wrote all my fears relinquishing them into the ocean as waves rushed up to me.

In a quick instance I found myself picking up the baggage again a soft still voice insisted to put the baggage down. This time I wanted to stay free, free from the emotional barriers that kept me from loving fearlessly, living life fearlessly. I needed this moment to regain a sense of power knowing that I can remain free because freedom is a choice. It felt invigorating to unpack my bags, walk away and leave them in the sea of forgetfulness. I have to make a choice everyday to keep the baggage where it belongs. I can no longer pick it up anymore it slowed me down on my journey. Unpack your bags……