Last Day of Summer….


Today is the official last day of summer and for most of us it is just another day. However, I believe this is the best time to spend it in reflection. Reflecting is a great therapeutic tool to slow down and gather your thoughts. In this process you can reflect on the last nine months of this year. You might decide to reflect on goals that were achieved, relationships that ended, new things that have entered your life and where you want to be at by the end of 2017.

Reflection is a good way to look at the past, embrace the present and prepare for the future. As you prepare for the autumnal equinox take this day to sit back, sip your favorite beverage and revel in the beauty of Fall.

How do you plan to spend your last day of summer? (Leave your comments below)

Fashion Tips For Being Authentically You…..

When asked by a fellow colleague who were my inspiration for fashion I smiled and thought there are many people who inspire my fashion however, the two women I can say that I admire in fashion is Sarah Jessica Parker and Angela Bassett. Although, I have a long list of fashionistas, I believe these two celebs inspire me the most in my fashion choices. Fashion is like art it is expressed through layers and layers of clothing to convey the mood you are currently in. 

Fashion is a state of being & style is a state of mind so in the chaos of trying to keep up with the trends below are tips to help you be you in fashion during this fall!

Fashion Tips For Being Authentically You….

1) Embrace your style & fashion. It’s funny that people believe there are rules to fashion but in order to acquire a style of your own break the rules and develop your own sense of fashion.

2) Wear the colors you feel good in. Yes it’s true Pantone put out the colors for the season but you can wear colors this fall that make you feel alive. Do not get caught in the wrong or rights of this fall fashion scheme.

3) Be a virgin to fashion. As you grow & develop  your fashion and style will always evolve. Do not be afraid to clean out your closet & start from scratch to create a wardrobe that signifies the person you are today!

4) If all else fails wear black. Black is classic, comfortable and chic so if you are not into adding anything new to your wardrobe palette wear black. If you decide to wear black put a pop of color into the mix to give it a warm but bold feeling this fall.

Pantone Colors: Fall/Winter Colors