Recap of February Blog Post

As we take a leap from February into the next month we are recapping the things we discuss this month. Our theme for February was Learn, Live & Love! We taught you seven ways to reconnect with yourself, we gave tips on how to live a beautiful life and then we discussed how you can leap into your 2016 the right way. 

Below are the links to recap each article.

7 Ways To Reconnect With Yourself: 

5 Tips On Living A Beautiful Life! 

Leap Into Your 2016! 

February Theme: Learn, Live & Love!

The month of February is finally here and so is our theme for this month. Our theme for this month is Learn, Live & Love! In this month we are going to learn some valuable lessons, live life in an extraordinary way and love every moment of it. In the month of February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, President’s Day and so many other special days in this month. So, get ready to enjoy each article as we discuss more subjects to help you grow into a better you!

Long Distance Love

In today’s evolving world technology has made it possible to have a relationship when people are thousands of miles away from each other. We are bombarded with so many options to keep in touch with our loved ones even if they are located somewhere else. However, people who prefer the human touch desire their mate or significant other to be in close proximity. Whether love is long distance or in close distance it takes hard work to make a relationship successful. When couples have to deal with the strain of being apart they have to make an effort to maintain communication, trust and schedule times to see each other. Long distance love can be challenging but it is not impossible if two people are willing to make their love work.

In order to maintain a successful long distance relationship both parties should be aware of each other’s schedule. When you are aware of each other’s schedule then you know the best time to talk each other. If both of your schedules are hectic then it may be best to schedule time to connect via Skype, ooVoo, etc. Communicating is a major factor in all relationships without it no relationship can survive.

The next most important factor is making time to see each other. This process can be fun in a long distance relationship because you both get to catch up with each other’s lives. Discussing the exciting or not so exciting things that happened in your life can be a great approach to reconnect. When both parties live in different places it can be an adventure. Sightseeing one another’s city can be fun for both partners. In the long run, making memories together is the most important thing as a couple.

Another positive factor is creating effective time management in long distance relationships. When you are in a long distance relationship you will not waste valuable time with the one you love instead you will cherish every moment together. The big things become minute and the little things become more important. You will not spend time being angry over a small or big dispute instead you will forgive quickly. Moving forward is a big attribute in long distance relationships because you spend less time on the unnecessary things and more time on the things that matter, which is each other.
Lastly, long distance love is not for someone who is insecure. If you have a lack of trust or faith due to past relationships then it would be better to work on those issues before you enter into any relationship. No man or woman wants an insecure partner. No relationship is perfect but taking time to discuss each other’s dreams, future and making sure you both are on one accord will equal a relationship that can weather the storms of life.