What We Have In Store For 2016?

The Inspirational Corner will  bring you more informative content on multiple women topics. Next year, we will dive into topics that will empower, uplift & teach you how to channel your feminine power. We will still possess the same format by making sure every month has a theme. Each article will correlate with each monthly theme. 

Also the founder of The Inspirational Corner Ms. Bowden will be coming out with her new eBook entitled Red Lips & Stilettos: A Girl’s Guide To Self-Confidence. Red Lips & Stilettos is a social media movement she started in January 2015 to inspire women to walk in their purpose & believe in their feminine power. Here on the Inspirational Corner we will highlight her new eBook & give you coverage on what the book represent for women.

The beginning of January we will highlight her new eBook to give you insight on each chapter & where you can purchase her new eBook online. So get ready for fabulous things we have in store on The Inspirational Corner. 

Exercise Your Girl Power Everyday!

After watching the 67th annual Emmys, I was overwhelmed with the joy of feeling empowered. It was a night for women to shine and break barriers that continuously need to be broken in media, in Hollywood, in music and so many other places. 

As women we are challenged with so many responsibilities that we sometimes lose our way. We lose our way by hiding the authentic person we are by becoming someone only society wants us to be. It is important we do not lose ourselves in the midst of pleasing others. 

We have many hats we wear but we should always take every opportunity to make our voices heard to exercise our girl power everyday. In my 36 years of living on Earth I realize being a girl is not only fabulous but quite powerful yet we never take the time to celebrate our power. So in this post we are giving you tips to exercise your girl power everyday!

Tips To Exercise Your Girl Power

1. Stand Up For Something. If you do not stand up for something you will become a victim and fall for anything. It is important you exercise your voice when you feel that it is necessary to bring a change to the world. Do not be afraid of what others may think of you because your voice matters. Stand up for a cause that is dear to your heart in spite of the minimized applause. 

2. Celebrate Yourself. It is important to celebrate yourself everyday and every chance you get in life. Never wait on others to celebrate you because before anyone can appreciate you; you have to learn to appreciate yourself.

3. Cater To You. As women we can do many things at once but that does not mean we have too. We owe it to ourselves to take time off to reflect, restore & rejuvenate our sanity. So never hesitate to let everyone know you are taking time off from their needs & catering to your needs.

4. Retail Therapy. Never feel guilty for splurging on yourself as long as your bills are paid & some money is stashed away you can indulge in a little retail therapy.

5. Rate Of Return. The greatest investment you can make is in yourself so don’t be shy about investing in that trip, spa day or anything else that will nurture your soul. Their is a greater rate of return when you invest in your growth and well-being. Don’t  short-change yourself! 

September Series: All Things Girly, Glittery & Glamorous!

September is finally here and we are set to celebrate our series for this month. In our September series: All Things Girly, Glittery & Glamorous we will discuss fall fashion, how to be a woman of grace & ways to celebrate our girl power everyday! So join us this month as we proudly wear pink, throw glitter on everything &  show you how fabulous it is to simply be a girl!