Feminism Is The New Black

Everyone stared at her as she wore the highest heels embodied with the reddest lips accentuating her beauty effortlessly. Her style was impeccable as she wore clothes that molded the silhouette of her curves. When she entered the room all eyes were on her. The attention she commanded came naturally. This woman was not your ideal poster child for what a feminist looked like but she didn’t care because feminism was not a look but a movement for equality.

In the past couple of decades society has created the wrong stigma on what feminism is, what a feminist should look like and how feminist are portrayed. Somehow the word “feminist” has become a dirty word misinterpreted by societal ignorance. Feminism has evolved over the years but yet the stigmata of the movement has caused many women to denounce that they are feminist instead of embrace it like a new pair of Louboutins.

Feminism in the 20th century has become more prevalent due to women deserving equal pay, the right to education in different countries, the right to say they do not want to get married or have kids for that matter. I believe a feminist is a woman who cares about empowering other women, who desires equality for women and men. These particular women are not scared to embrace their authenticity. A woman who proclaims she is a feminist is brave enough to let her voice be heard in spite of the negativity she encounters with society. Women celebrities such as Beyoncé, Patricia Arquette, Emma Watson and even First Lady Michelle Obama has helped us redefine what the word feminist really means to millennial women.

Over the years, I never really understood feminism, embrace feminism or thought I was a feminist. However, after I reviewed my life and thought all the barriers I have broken as a woman I began to realize I am true feminist naturally. I remember when I was in high school I did a paper on African women getting their vaginas circumcised and how cruel that was in certain African countries. I did not know it but even then I was making my voice heard on women issues. Feminism to me is about women empowerment, having the right to create your life on your own terms without societal validation and ultimately embracing the woman you are without feeling the need for an explanation.

I can proudly say I am a feminist, I love empowering women to know that being who you are is a gift and knowing who you are is important. A feminist is not a woman who hate men, who hate makeup or stilettos but a feminist is a woman who is liberal enough to break free from enslavement of inequality in all forms.

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Am I Feminist?

The word feminist can sometimes have a negative meaning depending on who is defining the word. I never thought I would even questioned the fact that I really believe deep down I am a feminist. According to Webster’s Dictionary a feminist is a person who believes in organized activities in support of women’s rights and interests. It also defined feminist as the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. I never have been focused on the word feminist because I believe we live in a society that put labels on things but create a bad stigma behind the labels.

In this case, I believe the word feminist consistently has been misconstrued to society. I recently took a quiz that identified whether you were a feminist or not and to my surprise it stated I was a full blood feminist.  I am not the type of woman who likes to be defined by labels and I never let labels make me or break me.  Labels are used to categorize things which can sometimes limit our ability to be more. Labels are used to minimize who we truly are to put us in a box. I never like to be put into a box because as we grow we change and continue to expand. However, as I further decipher the word feminist I realize it is nothing to run from but embrace. I am truly a woman who loves things that are centered on women empowerment, uplifting women and inspiring women to be more than what society says they should be.

It is our duty as women to make sure we are upholding the right image of what a lady should be due to the responsibility to the younger generation of girls. As a mother I constantly express to my daughter to be her own person, never try to fit in with the crowd but blend out. In society we constantly try to make others fit into a certain category but it takes bravery to step out the norm. And being a woman who believes in equality I guess I am a feminist in my own right. Feminism for me is about embracing your inner strength as woman breaking societal validation and being true to yourself. If this is what makes me a feminist well I can proudly say that I am. Every woman I believe is a feminist if we take the time to embrace our inner feminism and love ourselves completely. A woman is powerful when she knows her power uses it wisely to educate other woman about their worth and bridge the gap of tearing down the wrong images of women. So am I feminist, according to my definition I can embrace the word wholeheartedly.