Do Less, Live More

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The summer solstice is a beautiful time to recalibrate your life slowly. Instead of rushing through each day, summer is a reminder to slow down and revel in the moments. We are shifting into longer days and better weather to enjoy. However, to enjoy this summer, reprioritizing your schedule for rest, relaxation, and fun is vital.

After spending a year in quarantine during the pandemic, everyone is ready to get back to traveling, connecting with family, and enjoying life. Now is the time to implement a life of doing less and living more. I genuinely believe summer is the beginning of us tapping into an energy of “just being” mode. I am going to be intentional about managing my time for rest, fun and enjoyment this summer. Many times I would find myself doing instead of being in the present moment. This summer I will travel less, write more & explore unknown territory.

Summertime can become a time to fall in love with living life in an abundant way, however giving up the daily rat race will be required in order to connect to the present moment. When we began to fall in love with our life every moment will be pleasurable. Summer is a season where we can leave the stress behind and dive into the pleasures of living our best life.

Below are a few ways you can begin to implement the concept of doing less and living more in your everyday life.

  • Let go of the stress. Let go of what you can’t control, embrace where you are now & create a solution list.
  • Prioritize Fun. We often schedule things we have to do in our calendar but rarely schedule in fun. Make a weekly goal to schedule something fun to do in your calendar this summer.
  • Balance Your Work & Personal Life. When you set boundaries you can create a balance between your work & personal life. (Ex: Be consistent about getting off of work at a specific time to enjoy yourself, family & friends. Don’t be scared to say NO to working overtime).

Why Being Basic Won’t Do…


The Corona Virus issue has made us feel so many emotions with the ebb and flow of uncertainty; staying at home has become the new normal. This new normal has caused America to put everything on pause where being still is the cure. Many schools have closed around the world, people are now working from home, and some people no longer have a job. Although it can seem to be an uncomfortable time for the world, confronted with the reality that this is the time to let go of things no longer serve our lives.

In America, we are taught that being busy and living life on auto-pilot is acceptable. We choose to operate in a world encumber with a fast-food mentality, a microwave vision for our lives. The self-quarantine gives everyone a chance to slow down, saunter, and come to a shimmer. We no longer can follow the crowd but is challenged to do something different. I believe in this time of  the shutdown, we will not go back to normal.

This transformation will cause us to become a better version of our self. We can start by self-reflecting in every area of our lives. For me, it has taught me the valuable lesson of living in the present moment.

People’s lives are being transformed because we are now finding our passion, spending time with family, connecting with friends, and doing things we were too busy to do. When the curtain rises off this center stage play we call COVID-19, how will we move forward? Will everyone go back to being “basic” or will we embrace our new normal?

Below are three ways we can release ourselves from the “basic life” to the “extraordinary life.”

1. Write The Vision. While being at home, this is a perfect time to write a plan for yourself to make some changes in your life. (Ex: If you decide to start your business now is the time to create your website, draft a business plan, etc.)

2. Execute. There is no time like the present to start being intention by putting action in your new life. Use this time to start capitalizing on not being at work. (Ex: If you are working from home, let your paycheck build up, so when all this comes to an end, you will have enough saved to live your job.)

3. Live. Before the Corona Virus, many of us were going through the motions of life; however, with the shutdown of social events and going out; we will be more present in our lives. We will have more fun living life versus existing in it.

In the end, I am optimistic the self-quarantine will bring out a better America, where we are healing, there is more joy, peace, kindness & love to spread!


Refresh Your Soul….

Refresh Your Soul

Every now & then we need something to refresh our soul. So, often the routine of life becomes monotonous. We have to break free to give ourselves a fresh perspective. It is important to open ourselves to something different. For me, art refreshes my mind and helps me to see life in a creative way. What is it you do to refresh your soul? Below are a list of ways you can refresh your soul when you feel complacent.
*Visit your local art galleries
* Explore your local downtown scene.
* Do something different in the middle of the week.
* Meditate
* Book a flight spontaneously.
* Spend some alone time
* Read a book outside your normal genre
* Listen to some music
* Have a stimulating conversation with a stranger
* Plan a road trip

What would you add to this list? Reply in the comment section!

Beach Therapy

Summer has officially arrived with kids out of school and beaches packed to capacity. As the heat beats and temperatures rise  the greatest place to stay cool and relaxed is at the beach. The beach is my favorite spot to go to when I want to feel the water tingle against my feet and get a clear perspective on my life. It is always soothing to get a good book to read when I am at the beach. 

The beach has a magical vibe especially during the week while everyone is working. The soothing swoosh of the waves have a melodic tune. When I look out into the water I get lost and let my thoughts wander aimlessly. It is great sense of healing and therapy to me when life seems to suffocate me.

Below are three ways you can use the beach as your own personal therapist to help you relax this summer:

1) Go Workout At The Beach. It is so refreshing when you decide to take your workout outdoors. It gives you a chance to connect with nature & start your morning off to a positive start. However, taking your morning jog, run or yoga exercise to the beach can be even more relaxing. It will help you connect with your inner self & create a positive mindset for your workout.

2) Meditate At The Beach. Meditation is one of the most important part of my morning routines. Taking your morning meditations to the beach can enhance your mental awareness, assist in your breathing techniques & help you visualize a beautiful picture as you look out in the sea.

3) Read A Book At The Beach. If you are a book lover like me books are a great form of relaxation. It helps you take your mind off the real world and allow you to bury yourself in a world of imagination. It is even more relaxing to take your favorite book to the beach & get lost in the beauty of the beach.

The summer is a great time to relax, unwind & embrace the joys of beach life, might as well get some beach therapy while the weather is still alluring!

June Series: Beauty, Books & The Beach

In the month of June The Inspirational Corner theme is “Beauty, Books & The Beach”.  As summer quickly makes an appearance we will discuss the books you should have on your summer reading rotation, we will discuss tips to keep you cool & beautiful during the hot summer months. Lastly, we will give you tips on why the beach can be the best place to relax this summer. 

Breaking All The Rules

As technology continues to evolve in the 20th century it has given us many options on ways we can meet new people. However, in this new genre of dating there are still many do’s and don’ts that can make people feel erratic. Some people have dismissed the notion of finding that special someone in their dating voyage.

Dating has become more like a full time job that has made men and women weary in every aspect. In the midst of the dating voyage many self-help books are created to assist men and women in the dating process. Self- help books, matchmakers and dating coaches have formed an alliance to give men and women a step by step guide to dating and falling in love.

However, I believe there is no magic antidote to dating or falling in love. As I have journeyed through the process of dating I realized rules are meant to be broken. I have read several self-help books on dating which assisted me in the navigation process of dating, but I can truly say the best experience is when you create rules that work for you in the dating journey.

There is no perfect man or woman that you will meet to cure your love drought however, the remedy for your dating blues is knowing what you want in a potential mate. I believe dating should be easy and relaxed when going through the process of meeting that new person. Sometimes dating can feel like a full time job because we tend to put high expectations on the other person.

Everyone should enter into the dating scene with no expectations but to have a great time. When we begin to set high expectations in dating the pressure of authenticity is dismissed because both parties tend to be an illusion of what the other person want them to be. In order to make dating enjoyable I have provided 3 steps to help you “break all the rules” in your dating journey.

Breaking All The Rules Tip:
1. Be Yourself– The most powerful antidote in dating or meeting new people is being yourself without giving someone so much of you in the first meetup. The best thing to put in practice is striving to be subtle. Less is always more.

2. Relax– Take your time to prepare effectively for your date do not put high expectations on the other person before you had a chance to meet them. It is never fair to demand perfection from someone else when you are not perfect either.

3. Fun– Never take fun out your vocabulary, enjoy the moment and do not make plans for the future with the person you are dating. It is important to focus on enjoying the moment and making a new acquaintance. After you have accomplished this understand that it is okay to make rules to fit your boundaries and desires in dating. Dating should be enjoyable not a fulltime job!

After you have accomplished this understand that it is okay to make rules to fit your boundaries and desires in dating. Dating should be enjoyable not a fulltime job!

7 Things You Need To Do Before Summer Ends

As summer slowly sips in the cracks of yesteryear there are still a couple of more weeks to enjoy the hot weather before autumn makes her star studded appearance. Although, summer comes and goes quickly you still have time to get a little more sun, enjoy the beach and make some vacation plans with your loved ones. Summer is not yet over so keep your sundresses in rotation, put on your favorite sandals and protect your skin with your favorite sunscreen. Enjoy all of what summer has to give even in the last moments. Below are five things you can do before the days get shorter and nights become longer.

7 Things You Need To Do Before Summer Ends
1. Go to the beach one more time. As the temperature starts to drop down a little this is the perfect time to pack a cooler, take your favorite magazine and watch the waves.
2. Plan a road trip. Although, in the southern states kids have already started to go back to school you can still take advantage of the long weekend holidays such as Labor Day to take a road trip.
3. Wear your favorite summer dress. It is not cold yet so why are you bringing out the sweater. Put your fall clothes away and wear your cute summer dress. If you live down south summer never truly ends so keep your summer clothes in rotation.
4. Read your favorite book. You still can find some quiet moments to slip away and read your favorite book.
5. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Before the days get shorter and nights get longer enjoy the sunrise and be grateful to see the sunset.
6. Do some summer cleaning. So many people spring clean but I believe it is essential to clean out the old every season in order to make room for the new.
7. Summer shopping. As summer comes to an end on September 22nd (the 1st day of Fall) find time to catch all the last minute deals of the summer as you prepare your wardrobe for next year.

After you have completed these seven things you truly will be prepared to embrace your Fall season.  

Catching Up!

Hello All,

I know it has been quite awhile since there has been a blog post on The Inspirational Corner however, I am back and been busy redefining my life’s happiness. In the past months I have been traveling from Detroit to Canada to London to Paris. I even got a chance to go to Florida for a week. Life has been pretty busy but in spite of the busyness I decided to dedicate the month of August as my month of reflection, detoxing, meditation and soul connecting. The last couple of months have been profound for me through my travel adventures as well as trials I had to endure. No matter what life throws at you be willing to move forward, be bold, be brave and be calm. I have learned to trust God no matter what I go through at this point in my life. He is in control anyway all I can do is what I am required to do in the end. As summer begins to slowly turn towards fall be sure to make your last days of summer count. I plan to relax, rejuvenate and most of all spend valuable time with the ones I love before school starts for my daughter. The summer is not over so smile, laugh and get plenty of sun!

Also below I am sharing some pictures of my adventures from this summer….Enjoy!


The Charms of Charleston

Photo Credit: Me
Charleston, SC is known to be one of top tourist city’s according to the Conde Nast Traveler’s magazine. It has remained as the number one place to travel for tourists who are looking for historic sites, immaculate shopping, excellent restaurants and beautiful weather. I never understood why Charleston was rated among places like New York, Paris and other major tourist areas. I have lived in Charleston, SC for six years after exiting the military which forced me to understand  the dynamics of the Lowcountry. I began to find things to do in Charleston every weekend for me and my daughter. I soon fell in love with the charms of  Charleston, SC especially the downtown area. Downtown Charleston is filled with culture from an array of people coming from all around the world to various food choices ranging from Mediterranean food, Italian, Lebanese and much more. Today I fell in love with the beautiful charms that downtown Charleston offers such as my favorite gelato place on King Street (shopping district). I was able to experience a quaint Mediterranean Café called Taziki’s that has great customer service and food. After I ate my lunch I ventured to Belgian Gelato where the ice cream is pure Italian heaven. The shops on King St. are divine locally owned with eccentric things to buy. Another great charm about downtown Charleston is Market St. which is compounded of several vendors that range from art to jewelry and so much more.
Every Friday the market showcase artists so they can sell their artwork to tourist or locals. The most charming thing about Charleston I have found is their jazz bar, “The Mezz” that is located upstairs in Sermet’s Restaurant where the local band “The Quentin Baxter Quintet” play live jazz on Thursday, Friday and Saturday prospectively. The atmosphere is like a scene out of the movie “Love Jones” where Larenz Tate was doing poetry at the restaurant. The jazz bar setting is classy, elegant and decorated with white linen chairs. This jazz bar is one of my top gems that I treasure in downtown Charleston. I am a big city girl who crave the city lights, multiple things to do and also enjoy the times where I can hear complete silence. Charleston, SC gives me the freedom to cherish the complete serenity that the country life gives me. I never understood the charms of Charleston but now I understand that this city preserves their culture, embraces the history and draw people to the beauty of the hidden gems around the area.
For more amazing things to do in Charleston look at these sites:

New York, The City That Never Sleeps!


 “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

The city lights glared in my eyes distracting me from all the amusing things that caught my attention. I was in the city, the city that never sleeps how amazing this was to be a part of the fast pace city life. I felt at home in the “Empire State” and felt alive for the first time in a long time. I knew in my heart I belonged in the city. There is always something magical, energetic when it comes to living in a city like New York. New York has an indescribable vibe that cannot be explained but only can be understood by those that visit the Big Apple. The subways are filled with people speaking in coded languages from Japanese, French and English. Unknown musicians play boldly to get that once in a lifetime shot where their audiences become people who enter and exit the subway. New York has an energy that is contagious and spreads inspiration to a writer that is in search of her next muse. New York has become my perfect muse, I deem it as my American Paris where the Empire State Building resurrect itself high in the sky like the Eiffel Tower. New York was truly a great adventure for me and my daughter.  It is truly a place in my memory bank that I can never forget. I plan to visit the city again, very soon. It was a great experience to spend New Year’s Eve week in the “city that never sleeps”!