New Year, New Goals

Holidays are over and now we began to focus on our list of things to accomplish for a new year. It is customary for people to make resolutions, go on a vision board frenzy to declare their path for success. However, as the New Year has boldly proclaimed its entrance it's time to make sure …

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A Writer’s New Year Goals

As 2015 is rampantly coming it is our goal to get all writing deadlines finish before the new year. Writers constantly struggle with the right words, eye catching phrases and hooks to draw readers into their world.  I am serious about my writing career becoming something fulltime beyond an expensive hobby. In order to make …

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The Upgrade Experience

The most powerful thing about being a woman is understanding upgrading is a luxury that comes with the maturity of age. ~Stylicia~2013 is soon to make head way into our lives while 2012 will be a far and distant memory for us. 2012 will be apart of an epic moment but it will be known …

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