Show Up For Yourself

The greatest feeling on Earth is making a promise to yourself and being adamant about showing up for yourself. It is never good to make promises to everyone else yet, break the promises you make to yourself. I have experienced so much in my 38 years on Earth but the biggest lesson I have learned is to show up for myself.

I remember how I  would constantly break commitments to myself. I became sick and tired of putting myself, my ideas and my desires on the back burner. I treated myself like a welcome mat and things had to change. I had to dig deep within to work on my personal issues. I didn’t want to feel like the piece of yucky gum stuck on the bottom of everyone’s shoe anymore. I wanted to be the Louboutin!


In order to be the Louboutin I had to level up and work on my inner issues. I had to learn how to love, respect, honor and appreciate myself. In my journey I gained self-confidence and self-worth. Everyday, I have to be intentional about showing up for myself. I have learned that being intentional creates transformation in your life.

So, I encourage you today to get rid of your flip-flop mentality for your life and embrace the Louboutin way of life!

How will you start showing up for yourself today? Share your answers in the comment section…..

December Series: Me, Myself & I !

December brings the joys of family, friends & faith as we get ready for Christmas. In this month we begin to wrap up the year and begin to reflect on how the year has unfolded. Some things may have not unraveled the way we wanted but we have many lessons to go along with each year.  In our December Series: Me, Myself and I we will discuss the importance of self-care & why its important to  fill your tank until it overflows. This series will teach you to no longer neglect the most important person in the world which is YOU!