3 ways To Create A Memorable Summer!



With summer coming many people are excited about vacation and spending time with their family. However, I am passionate about creating memorable moments with my daughter. Although I am going to visit my family, I have decided to shorten my trip and plan smaller trips throughout the summer for my daughter and me to enjoy. It is so easy to get caught up in focusing on visiting so many people during your time off, however, what is more, important you planning trips that make you happy this summer even if it means disappointing others. Vacation is about unplugging from your routine and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

My main focus this summer will be unplugging from social media, reading books I love and being present in the moment. We can produce the most fabulous things when we focus on the present moment.

Below are three ways to create a memorable summer:

1. Unplug. The present moment is the most important moment in our lives. This summer take the time to take a break from social media and savor the memories.


2. Do what makes your soul happy. Too often we spend endless summers traveling to see family but have not schedule time to do what we desire. Make sure you schedule a personal trip in for yourself this summer, you deserve it!


3.  Create Memories That Last For A Lifetime. Spend this summer exploring new places and spaces to produce memories that will last forever. The goal is to spend money on experiences not things.


So, I challenge you this summer to do what makes you happy, focus on the present moment and create memories that will last forever!

Unlock The Door To Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but yet they find themselves aimlessly looking for their happiness. Happiness is not attached to a specific person, place or thing but lasting happiness is an everyday choice that has to be made in spite of external circumstances. Every person has their own specific definition of what happiness resembles for their life.

This year, I have started to search deeper into what makes me happy. It is my goal to continue to do what makes me happy and subtract myself from people, environments and things that drain my happiness. As we constantly grow as human beings our idea of what make us happy will gradually shift. I am no longer fearful of pursuing my life happiness. I realize that being happy is an essential part of living a fulfilling life.

Once you identify a clearer picture of your life happy plan then you can reevaluate where you are going right or wrong in the path to happy. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to live a life full of colorful possibilities. People who fear living a life true to their happiness will always fall into a cycle of insanity.

Below are a few tips to help you unlock the door to your happiness on your terms!

Tip #1: Define your life happiness. Everyone has their own visual perception of what life they desire to live. Make sure you visualize the life you desire and then take time to define your life happiness. For example my life happiness consists of freedom, working on my own terms, traveling and living in a place where I can grow in my creative nature & prosper in all areas of my life.

Tip#2: Reevaluate your environment: Your environment plays a major role in how your happiness will be destructive or constructive. If your environment is draining your happiness factor it may be time to relocate.

Tip#3: Reevaluate the people: In your happiness journey you have to be willing to subtract people who put strain or stress on your positive development. It is not meant to allow everyone in your space. When you subtract relationships that are not conducive to your growth it helps you move in the direction of happiness quicker.

Tip#4: Exist outside your comfort zone: Nothing great can ever be developed in your comfort zone. Be willing to take chances and risk to stretch yourself. You never know what could make you happy if you are never willing to give it a try.

Tip 5# Take back your key & open the door. Do not let anyone disturb your peace or steal your joy. When you allow others indirect or direct behaviors influence your happiness you subconsciously give them the key. Your life happiness should not be contingent on what people do or do not do for you. 

Be bold enough to take back the key & unlock the door to your happiness!

I Deserve Better!

In our heart we know we deserve the best but we settle for less. We choose mediocrity instead of reaching for the excellence in life and all it has to bring. We compromise our standards just to have a temporary fix instead of waiting on the permanent thing. Does this sound familiar? If it does then it is time to understand that you deserve better for your life. The only way you can obtain better is by reevaluating your standards and the foundation you have built for your life. In a society filled with mediocrity we tend to blend in and hide our true substance and value. When we hide our true value we become like a dark whole, lost in a twilight zone of emptiness. I have been on multiple journeys in my life but the current journey I am transitioning through is teaching me the art of self-love, self-respect and understanding I deserve happiness no matter what I have done in the past or will do in the present. For years, I did not believe better would come to me because of the mistakes I had made in my life. However, I began to realize I deserve better in my life not because of how great I was but it is truly the Lord’s will and desire for me to have an exceptional life. We sometimes allow our past to hold us hostage to true happiness so we settle for what we think we deserve because we falsely believe we do not deserve better. I realized that punishing myself for past sins or mistakes was the result of me not forgiving myself. When I can begin to look through the eyes of grace I understand that there is no condemnation in God. We all have fell short one time or another in life but our past molds us for the future. My journey of self-love is teaching me the lesson of acceptance, accepting myself totally; scars and all. The good, bad and ugly things in my life have made me the woman I am today. Every day I have to learn to love myself in the midst of my downfalls I am challenged to get back up and move forward. Life throws us curve balls that can throw us off course but life also gives us presents that add to our enjoyment of living. Do not allow the voices of your past to keep you shackled from embracing the future of better. We all deserve better so do not get trapped in settling for a mediocre life when you can have an abundant life. Strive for better!