Finding Your Kefi

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I believe we are all on a cosmic spiritual journey trying to search for life’s simple pleasures, joy, passion, and all things that will light up our soul. However, how can we embark on a journey of self-exploration if we constantly are moving further away from the life we want to live. How can we rekindle the spark that we once had about our life?

Reversal Effect….

Sometimes when life throws curveballs, we are confronted with the issue of the reversal effect. The reversal effect is taking a path that isn’t aligning with our life’s dreams, goals, or vision. As we strive to break through the force field of fear, doubt, and discouragement, everything around us begins to look unfamiliar because the curveballs have pushed us into unknown territory. The unknown territory is the unexpected happenings we experience in this journey called life. And so the daunting question becomes, what can I do to get back on track? How can I find my way back?

Finding Your Kefi….

In the Greek culture, the word kefi has multiple meanings, but its translation means the spirit of joy, passion, euphoria, enthusiasm, exuberance, frenzy. When I think of kefi, it reminds me of chemical evolution theory, where simple elements (atoms) transform into complex parts to generate life. Kefi is the chemical bonding agent that helps us find the spark we once lost. It is the intricate agent that we desire to discover to bring fulfillment back to our lives. So how do we go on this voyage to find our kefi?

The Essentials….

  • Embrace Rock Bottom. When life gives you lemonades, create a lemonade stand & sell your experiences. (make the best out of what you have)
  • Embrace Uncertainty. If you are clueless about how to find your way let the unfamiliar be your guide. (create a new normal)
  • Embrace Serendipity. Let life unfold organically. (let go of the need to control the outcome)

Below is the movie that inspired this post on the concept of kefi:

The Artistry of Communion

When was the last time you commune with the people you love? No, I am not talking about taking communion at church but that is a great place to start. However, I am simply talking about exchanging intimate thoughts, feelings & dialogue with the people you love. In a fast paced world we rarely take the time to simply sit down, share & create intimate moments.

Communion is an important part of learning the meaning of intimacy beyond physical touch.
Communion teaches us how to connect on a soul to soul level without outside distractions. Communion does not have to be perceived as exchanging dialogue sometimes the silence between two people can create a perfect moment of intimacy.

Life can get busy but relishing in the company of those who are dear to us could be the most enjoyable feeling in the world. Human interactions can have the capacity to increase enjoyment, fulfillment and eliminate depression. If there is more positive results from communing then why do we do it less? Well I believe people commune less because they have become intimate with other things such as social media, computer games etc. Americans spend more time on their computers, phones and engaging in  TV more so than spending time reading or creating intimate moments with family & friends.

Here are three tips to establish the artistry of communion.

1) Cop A Squat: In the movie Pretty Woman I remember a scene where Julia Roberts character encourages Richard Gere’s character to take a day off from work and enjoy life. In one of the scenes they were in the park where she told him to cop a squat. Cop a squat imply means sit down. Take some time to stop everything your doing & sit down with the people who matter the most.

2) Carve Out Time. Time is something we can never get back. Time with the people we love is never wasted so set a date or time to bring back intimacy in your important relationships.

3) Eat Together. The best way to commune & create intimacy is by eating your dinner meal together as a family or even with friends. This type of communion gives everyone time to share, laugh & enjoy the taste of their food.

Communing has the power to create intimacy, love & joy for everyone who participates in building long lasting relationships.